USB Hub Dead and Will Not Dete4ct

Hey there. Just tried to update my USB firmware to the latest version today and it seems that it has bricked my USB hub. Tried to downgrade it but it no matter what my computer will not detect the USB hub at all. Got it set to USB-B and always on so those should not be the issues. Have also tried the USB C and no signal as well. Have left it unplugged for about 30 minutes and will not turn on the hub when I plug it back in. Looking for some guidance on how to fix this.

Hey there,

At this point I recommend downgrading the USB hub firmware back to 17.02. However, you will need to uninstall the updater for 19.02 before proceeding. Otherwise it will not work.

I would if my usb hub was detected. The hub won’t detect the usb c or usb b port. How can I downgrade without a useable usb port. When I hit scan it detects nothing with proper settings in the monitor settings

Any more suggestions??? Left the monitor unplugged all night and USB hub is still not working. Cannot get signal to the hub at all and the USB C port will not display at all either. At this point I cannot downgrade the firmware as the hub is completely bricked. This is extremely frustrating.

Any way to reset the whole monitor to factory to see if that fixes it??

Same issue, but I just cant update because the computer doesn’t detect the monitor plugged in via the hub. Tried USB A, B and C ports, no joy. Was a pain to upgrade to 104… 7 months ago or w/e but now I have nothing.

Power delivery however works on all ports. Tested with a phone. I suppose I’ll try with my spectrum tonight. ** UPDATE* still no fix. So I have isolated it is not the cable or the method of delivery (one vs another port) or the PC. Yep its the monitor being dumb or dead.

I would strongly suggest using a USB 3.0 type B cable (Amazon US, Amazon EU) to check if the USB hub is really dead. There’s only 1 place it’ll fit into the Spectrum, and it’s only carrying USB data (nothing else) so there’s not much to go wrong.

You also need to make sure that the USB hub source in the on-screen settings is manually set to USB type B. Setting this manually ensures that there’s no risk that the Spectrum is trying to use the type C port instead.

I know these are fairly basic steps, but it’s easy to miss something when you’re frustrated.

If you do all of this and your computer still isn’t able to communicate with the Spectrum, then it’s a fairly certain sign that the USB hub has died.

Based on what I’ve seen posted over the last 2 years, most USB hub connection issues are due to user error. There’s also the known issue of the hub disconnecting when the Spectrum wakes from sleep. I can only recall a small handful of complaints about the USB hub fully dying, but it has happened.

Sent in a request to support 9 days ago and still have not heard back. Very disappointed

Can you provide me the order ID for your order or the email associated with your order in a DM? I will ensure your ticket is looked into and handled asap!