USB Hub appears to disconnect drives when monitor sleeps

In the Input/Output OSD settings I have USB Hub set to “On”, am I correct in thinking this means the USB hub and everything connected to it should continue to work even if the monitor is sleeping or switched off (with the rear button, not unplugged)?

I have USB SSD connected to the display’s hub and the display connected to my M1 MBP via a thunderbolt 4 cable. However whenever the monitor sleeps I get an alert in macOS that the USB drive has disconnected. If USB Hub is set to On shouldn’t peripherals remain connected to the Mac?

Firmware is 102.

In addition the the above, it looks like the display repeatedly wakes and sleeps for no apparent reason while the MacBook is sleeping. Here’s the indicator of that:

CleanShot 2021-10-08 at 08.24.38@2x

Constantly turning on and off could be due to Power Nap. The MacBook will periodically turn on to check for things like new emails, and it’s probably causing the Spectrum to turn on too and reconnect any USB devices.

You can check your Power Nap setting in the Battery section of system preferences. It might be better to turn it off if it’s not needed.


I’ll have a look into that :+1:

@NZgeek it turns out Power Nap isn’t a configurable option with M1 Macs, it’s always on.