USB C with MacBook Pro

Hey just got my Eve Spectrum and have been trying to get my MacBook Pro 2021 to work with the 4k 144H. I got a thunderbolt 3 pro cable from Apple so that should be able to handle the bandwidth. But when ever I turn it into the USB 2/ 4k 144Hz mode for USB C I cannot get a display. Well that is partially untrue as I can get a display in this mode with the MacBook Pro open and the refresh rate set to 60Hz But with the MacBook shut and even in 60 Hz mode I still cannot get a display. HDR also only works in the USB 2/ 4k 144Hz but will only work when the MacBook is open as well and only at 60Hz. Hope there is a solution to this as I want to just get my setup done with and no more messing around.


try directly a DP cable, that should work.

The USB-C port doesn’t currently support display stream compression (DSC), which is required to get 144Hz. It’ll be enabled in a future firmware version.

The best you can get right now is 120Hz without HDR, but you might need an app like SwitchResX to get the Mac to use it.

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I’m also having a similar issue with my M1 Mac Mini and my Lenovo X1 laptop. Can’t get a display signal using any Thunderbolt 4/USB-C cables.

It ONLY works in HDMI or with a USB-C->DP cable. The Spectrum only has 1 DP port so this isnt really an option for me. A bit disappointing

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Having the same problem here. I can only get a VGA output to my 2021 M1 MacBook. I can’t even pull off the DP and I have every cable known to man. I was so happy to receive my monitors today. But any help here is appreciated. Still haven’t figured out how I’m going to upgrade the firmware with an M1 either. In my part of the world Macs are really important. Hope Eve understands the importance of this market.


Hi @bluztoo,

Most people have been using a Bootcamp or going to their local libraries to update the firmware. However, these are temporary solutions and we will be producing a macOS firmware soon.


Does it mean the monitor will support Thunderbolt3 connection with macbook air m1 after the firmware upgrade? Where can I subscribe to be notified about the upgrade? I’m considering this monitor to purchase as single monitor for macbook and PC, how does switching between sources work when connected to USB-C and DP? Should I buy some kind of KVM switch for that?

The Spectrum has a built-in KVM switch and can easily change inputs between DP, USB-C, and HDMI using a mini joystick on the back of the monitor. I have a MacBook Pro 2019 and it works great with Spectrum.

There are 4 ports for getting video input (2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 1x USB-C) but only 2 ports for connecting the USB hub to a computer (USB-C, USB-B). This makes the Spectrum somewhat limited in being able to use it as a KVM.

There’s also a current bug in auto-selecting the which connection to use for the USB hub. Specifically:

  1. Start with a MacBook connected via USB-C.
  2. Turn off the MaxBook and unplug it.
  3. Plug in a PC using DisplayPort and USB-B.
  4. Turn on the PC.

The Spectrum will automatically switch to DisplayPort for the video signal, but it won’t change the USB hub source. But if you go into the on-screen controls and re-select auto hub source (i.e. just confirm the current setting) then the Spectrum will switch to the correct hub source.

You’ll need to do this again when switching back from the PC to the MacBook.

Can we have a more specific timeline than “soon” for macOS firmware?

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hmm. I get power for MBP 2019, I get no Video, I get no Onscreen Display Menu. I am using a Belkin TB3 USB-C. Thoughts?

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Do you have it plugged in the the bottom USB C poet on Spectrum and Is the source on USB C?

That isn’t a bug. That’s the intended design.

That doesn’t make sense.

There definitely was talk at one stage about auto-selection and USB drives. If I recall correctly, that’s why the default setting is USB-B rather than auto-select.

Even if auto-select was sticky, it should only stick while there’s an upstream USB host attached. If the host disconnects, the Spectrum should then wait for a new USB host to connect and switch to that.


Yes, bottom USB-C port. How do I select the input? I can’t even get the OSD.
It says auto select when I press the joystick, then goes off after a few moments.

Finally, using the Apple USB-C to HDMI adapter, I am able get 30Hz on the Monitor. Now, the OSD works.

Also not working from a windows laptop (Dell G3) via hdmi. I will look at this later.

Why wouldn’t USB-C work?

Which firmware version do you have? Auto-select is a bit iffy on older versions. The OSD comes up when it reads a signal from a video source. I have my MBP connect via TB3 on the right side to the monitor’s bottom USB C port and have the input source set to USB Type-C. If you can , use a Windows pc to update the Spectrum firmware to version 104.

It is 102. I just got my wife’s Windows and will try to upgrade shortly. Thanks!!

Update: The update worked. I am now on FW Version 104.
Apparently the cable I have is not DisplayPort friendly.

I’ll try to get a USB-C that supports DisplayPort.

I had to look up how a cable like that is able to do Thunderbolt 3 and not support USB-C.

It looks like this is an active cable, probably because of its length. Active cables contain special circuitry designed to boost the signal, so that it can be successfully transmitted across the longer cable. The circuitry here will be designed only to understand a Thunderbolt 3 signal, and it can’t understand USB 3.0 or DP.

In general, you want to avoid long USB cables if at all possible (unless you’re only using them for charging). The longer the cable is, the more chance there is for signal degradation.

If you really do need a long cable for some reason, look for a Thunderbolt 4 cable instead. These can be up to 2 metres / 6.6 feet long without needing a booster. I’ve also found some evidence that TB4 active cables are backwards compatible with USB 3.x (and therefore hopefully alt modes), not just USB 2.0.

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Awesome @NZgeek ! I am heading to the Apple Store today to pick up my iP13 and I’ll see what cables they have. Thanks for your help!!

Just to verify “works” is 4k@60hz? I’m not able to get 4k/144hz over USB-C with a 3.1 Gen2 cable (but I think thats a fix coming in a future firmware?)

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