USB-C port does not work for display, charging or the USB hub

I have a HP Windows 10 laptop that supports DP 1.3 alt mode and charging on it’s USB-C ports. I’ve used this with monitors at work and it has worked perfectly fine. I’ve tried 3 different USB-C cables that should work with my spectrum including this cable but I’ve had no luck so far.

My laptop doesn’t charge nor display anything on screen and the nothing on the USB hub connects to the device. The cable does charge my Pixel 6 Pro but it seems to be at normal 15w speeds rather than fast charging. I’ve primarily tried the bottom port as I’ve read that’s the correct one but I’ve also tried the side port with no luck.

Has anyone else had this issue? I’m guessing it’s just a dodgy port as none of the functionality is working on my laptop but was wondering if there’s anything I’m missing.

I’m on the latest 104 firmware


Sounds like you might be using the wrong usb-c port in Spectrum.
Use the one that directs the cable downwards, not the one one that goes to side with usb-A.
I had to update to firmware 104 to get it working, but after that smooth sailing.

Hello @samd5001. Can you confirm you are using the power delivery USB Type-C port on the Spectrum? As Ericcii mentions it is the port on the bottom of the Spectrum. If you look at page 9 of the Spectrum user manual it is the port number 5. Can you try using that port and report if that works - or let me know if you were already using that port.

You can download the User Manual from the Support page
Click Downloads, then Documentation under Spectrum ES07D03.

Hi @Taalyn

I tried the bottom port originally and tried the side port just as a sanity check. Still the same issue

The port on the bottom, next to the power connector, is definitely the right one to use. That’s the one that supports 100W charging and DisplayPort for video. The one on the left-hand side is for connecting devices to (e.g. USB peripherals) and is limited to 15W power output.

That Anker cable should work fine, when connected to the right ports.

I would recommend trying the cable in all of the USB-C ports in your laptop. Some laptop models have multiple USB-C ports with different capabilities, and only 1 or 2 of the ports actually support things like video output. This isn’t always obvious from the information they provide.

Also, if your Spectrum is in a state where you can’t bring up the full on-screen display, you should be able to hit up/down on the stick to select a video input. Set this to USB-C to rule out an auto-selection bug.

Once you’ve got a video signal, make sure to set the USB hub source to either automatic or USB-C. That should allow you to connect to the Spectrum to do a firmware update.


NZGeek gives excellent advice (as usual) try all the ports on the laptop just in case. Based on your original report that it works at another location with another monitor plus your sanity check I’m going to assume you’ve already tried this.

I suggest the next step is opening a ticket with support to see if they have any other solutions to try and give advise on if a repair is required.