Usb C hub not working on MacOS Ventura

Hi guys,

I’ve updated my M1 Macbook Pro to MacOS Ventura 13.0. Ever since, the usb c hub stopped working (and it still is working on Windows).

I’ve allowed accessories to connect (setting is set at “Always” in System Preferences > Privacy & Security), and the OS asked me if i wanted to allow some USB peripherals to connect to the macbook, but ever since, nothing.

My screen settings are as such:

Input source: USB Type-C
USB Hub source: USB Type-C
USB-C bandwidth priority: High refresh rate
USB hub: always on

This is very handicapping. Does anyone know how to fix this ?

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I’m using an M1 Macbook Air to write this message, and the USB-C hub is working fine. The first time I plugged in the Spectrum after updating, a notification asked me to confirm if it should trust these USB devices, but after approving it, everything’s been working as normal for me. I can type this on my external keyboard, and my apple trackpad is working, with mac’s bluetooth turned off to confirm it’s really using USB.

I’m running firmware 107 on the monitor, and have the port set to high speed data, but i’ve also tried setting it to high refresh rate, and it’s still working as normal. Do you have Lockdown mode enabled, or anything else that could interfere with USB?

Ok, so after tweaking a bit here and there yesterday, it finally worked. But this morning, it didn’t. Let me explain my setup quickly:

My Macbook pro is closed on my desktop, with an HDMI cable plugged in to it, going to my 2nd screen.
It has a thunderbolt 3 cable going into the Spectrum, and on the hub I have: a logitech dongle for a wireless headset, an usb-c webcam plugged in in the usb-c port, and usb hub from anker in the last usb A port, which powers mouse, keyboard, and external mic.

I used to just type randomly on my keyboard to wake the whole thing up. This morning, nothing happened. I opened my macbook and told me the following thing:

CleanShot 2022-10-26 at 10.31.34@2x

So i’ve tried unplugging everything and tada: when unplugging / plugging my mic back, everything went up and working.

So, I guess this is my solution for now… I’m thinking about downgrading to Monterey, but I do not have a time machine backup so i’ll have to go through macOS recovery. A friend told me that it was not a good idea and it could make things buggier than they were. Does anyone have an intel on that?

Interesting that the complaint is about the USB port drawing too much power. The port should be supplying power to the Spectrum via USB power delivery.

I wonder if this is related to the USB charging issue that others have reported. It’s reported that older USB firmware went straight to high power charging, but newer firmware starts at low power and then immediately jumps to high power.

It’s possible that MacOS is detecting this initial low power state and claiming that power draw on the single power might be too much, even though the Spectrum’s USB hub is powered and shouldn’t be drawing any power from the Mac’s USB port.

If you updated to the 19.02 USB firmware at some point, it might be worth going back to the 17.02 firmware to see what changes. Please note that you need to fully uninstall the USB firmware tool when changing versions (up or down) due to quirks in how it works.