USB-C female to HDMI male adapter, possible?

Hey all, so I said something about this during the whole adapter/dongle debate, but now I’m looking for actual answers.

My idea of what I want is the adapter/dongle/whatever described in the title: USB-C female to HDMI male.

I want to plug in to TVs at apartments, hotels, etc, and I don’t want to carry a dedicated long cable to do that. I’ve already got USB-C cables (and the more peripherals/tech that adapts that the more I can slim down what I’m actually carrying). I’d like the cables I already have to be able to provide the length of the connection, and to be able to use them for other things.

I’ve been doing a periodic search for this ever since the decision was being made last year. Still nothing.

You don’t have to ELI5 me, I just never researched the specifics of cable interconnectivity vs video display controllers. Is this possible? Is it that no one really wants this, or that this isn’t how the technology works? I do know there are some differences between the cables used for USB-PD vs data transfer, and that I might need a special cable anyway? But once again, I’m not super familiar with the specs behind all that.

Or if you’ve got any other good ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for your time.

NB: I know that was a long description, I’m just trying to cut down on the inevitable crap like “who cares? just buy an HDMI cable; they’re light”. This is obviously an exploration of best-case scenarios.

is this what you need? :wink:

No worries, fam, I got you


Lol… there goes my smartass comment… you are absolutely right!

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I’ve been looking for something similar (a hub that a USB C cable can plug into).

This is something I’ve come across but haven’t yet tested, a female to female connector and combine it with a short USB-C to HDMI?


That’s a good idea. Only problem is, in this case I’d want it to be like a 10-20cm/4"-8" cable, and smallest I can find so far is 1m/3ft. I’ll give it more of a look.

Not an ideal solution, but decently close to what I’m looking for.


Daisy chaining here:

Random items from searches but you get the idea.

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Yeah. I wouldn’t want to daisy chain like that because of the accessibility of some TV ports, like how when you buy a 1st Gen Chromecast/Roku/Fire TV stick they give you a little flexible dongle. I’ve run into that being necessary because wall proximity, security mounts, or just other cables.

Then having to add THAT dongle, lessens and lessens the convenience over a dedicated cable. But good shout, and I like where your head’s at.

I don’t expect to come up with a perfect solution, just thought I’d press the community for some ideas, or just to even know if this is something that CAN be done.

So… I’ve never seen a female USB-C cable end.


I asked about an adapter, not a cable.

But if you want to get technical, USB-C extension cables have them.