USB-C Dock / HUB recommendations LONG CABLE

Hey guys!

Does anyone of you know a USB-C / TB3 Dock which has a “long” cable (>50cm)?

Problem: Every dock I find on Amazon seems to have a cable which is about ~ 15cm long, so it hangs down on the USB-C Port of the V. My current one is already broken and I have the feeling thats because it was always hanging down from the V’s USB C ports. And they’re not the toughest also…

I would also be happy with an extension cable, but I’m not able to find one where USB Hubs/Docks using multiple ports/things at the same time are supported.

Cheers and thx for helping out :slight_smile:

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You have to buy a special cable, because AFAIK thunderbolt over any longer than 15 cm needs power or something.


Dell WD-15 has long cable.

My TB3 dock came also with a short cable, but I bought 1m cable to replace it. All seems to work fine, including charging, mouse, keyboard, external 1440p screen and 1Gbps ethernet connection.

Here’s what I’m using:

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Shit, I was afraid of something like this.

seems like I have to spend lots of money… :confused:

But, thx for your advise :slight_smile:


Okay, maybe this is interesting for others as well…

I now bought these two items and they work quite well with my V. I can not attach everything at one to the dock, for something like an illuminated Keyboard it then hasn’t enough power over the longer cable, but the V has USB ports so this is no problem :slight_smile:

Especially the dock seems to be really nice and high-quality!

Cheers, Max


I use this hub since about a year.

Its three nice extra things are:

  • A power only usb c entrance what can be hooked to a charger or an extra usb c on the computer so no power problems.
  • Has a hdmi connector.
  • Charges your phone!

Does anyone has any experience with USB C dock Wavlink ( It looks promising - charging, double 4K displays, sound, ethernet, USB C + 3.1 connectors…
They offer some other types as well, but this one looks best for me.

It shows a looad of connecting options. As such it looks quite usefull for those wich a need for them, and could be a bit of an overload as well for others (but who knows wat one will need a year from now :blush:
As the link does not state the price, may I ask for how much it is selling?

I guess it should be about USD 200.
Aliexpress now offers for 113: Universal Rltra 5k Docking Station Usb-c Dual Display Usb3.0 Video Audio Output Support Hdmiport/displayport Gigabit For Mac - Laptop Docking Stations - AliExpress I guess it’s this model.

For the price stated (113 USD) it offers a lot.
As far as the quality being correct or not I have no information.
Aliexpress goods can be top as wel quite poor (my personal experience).
Google could be of help to find other buyers opinions.
I use a connecting hu called chocolade bar what made me buy it was the wireless telephone charcher what’s inclued. But that is only me off course :hugs:

Another USB C dock (for non Dutchies there are pictures :blush:)

I also had a dodocool hub in the past but the cable had issues very fast :confused: so quality was not satisfying… unfortunately :confused:

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Thank you for mentioning this.
In general: do not buy any ‘hip Hip, hooray’ item before googling around.
Yes, that is for me too default_hide

And what about this one?

Is there anyone using it? This one looks great.

I really hope you live in a country enabeling free shipping.
To Holland shipping alone mounts to 62 USD :sob:

I had UD-CA1A-EU model before getting Lenovo’s TB3 dock:

However, I had several issues with it. Mouse, when connected to the dock, kept randomly freezing for ~1 second and then jumped a long distance to which ever direction it was moving in at the time. Keyboard also had similar issues of key press sticking down for a second. And the ethernet connection didn’t work.

I contacted their customer support and they sent a replacement dock (UD-CA1A), but it had same issues and also my external screen kept going to standby randomly for ~1 second, and then turning back on.

I did find out that the freezes occured only when CPU usage was low. Do e.g. “while True: pass” in Python interpreter and freezes stopped, Interrupt the script and the freezes came back.

Note that my dock was not actually TB3 dock, even though it seems to indicate so in the title, but only a USB-C dock. Same way as in the device you linked at. My Eve V did feel somewhat sluggish to use with that dock connected (which I haven’t noticed with my current Lenovo’s TB3 dock), so perhaps the dock doesn’t use the whole bandwith that TB3 would normally provide.

EDIT: Plugable did have great customer support though, even though their product wasn’t what I hoped for.

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Thank you for the feedback, this sounds quite annoying…
What dock are you using? This one?

Would you recommend that?

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See my post near start of this thread for link to the dock at web store that I bought mine from. However, for amazon link, I think this is the one that I have:

It works fairly well. I have occasionally problems with getting Eve V properly detect the dock when I disconnect it and then reconnect it. Although, that is usually resolved by just reconnecting it again. This seems to have improved with dock’s newer driver / firmware versions.

There also seems to go something wrong if the dock is moved around while it is connected to V. Last time I had to move it, my V lost connection to it, but V’s display didn’t turn on which it does normally when it is disconnect from the dock. Reconnecting to the dock didn’t do anything. Had to do hard reboot by long pressing V’s power button.

The dock is also pretty light, and with all connectors at back side of it, it tends to tilt backwards when placed at edge of the desk, so I’ve used a small screw clamp to keep it in place.

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I have been using the Mantiz Titan Dock for the last few months without any issues, worked out of the box.


I would buy it again given the opportunity.

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