USB-C Cable (Length Issue)

Whenever I need to charge my Eve, the lengthy USB-C cable provided can be a hassle.
Are there any specifics to these USB C cables or will a generic USB C cable work?
I am on Amazon right now searching for retractable USB C to C options, but don’t want to order if they will not be compatible

Also, do the Razer Blade Stealth USB C chargers work?

Just make sure you buy an cable that is actually USB-C spec compliant. And that is the hardest part. Amazon should only stock compliant USB-C cables but you never know.

If you need the 40gb/s connection, you’ll have to look for an active cable when you are looking for cables that are longer than 0.5m.

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Note also, that all USB-C cables do not work at same speeds. Those are also divided into different versions 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, with various speeds. However, they should all be compactible with each other (although, an older type of cable may slow the speed down).

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For charging, a USB-C 2.0 cable is what comes with the V I believe, so you shouldn’t need anything higher quality than that.

Personally, I recommend the Amazon Basics brand, good quality at a good price, sold directly by Amazon.