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As I was about to give up and buy a new display! Awesome!
Any dates you could give us? This looks very nice and promising, but it could be nice knowing what’s the overall status and expectations are :slight_smile:



Just hold on a bit we are posting the update with all the info early next week. This is just a small preview :smiley:


And a very nice preview! Love the teasing! :slight_smile:
Let’s wait a bit then! Keep on rocking!


I’m looking forward for the wooden stick model :crazy_face:

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Can’t wait to see what new colours, this spectrum bring. So excited.

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If the cables are of the colour that represents Eve(this mix of orange and red) then it will be awesome.


The detachable port hub looks really interesting. It would allow for the best placement to line up cables with your computer/laptop (my current laptop has most ports on the right, the previous one was mostly left), and easy plugging/unplugging since you can just detach the hub and bring it in front of the screen. Would this hub only be for the USB ports, or also include the HDMI, DisplayPort and power ports? Both would make sense in some way.
In a multi-monitor setup it might be neater to replace the three hubs with one single hub, so all cables go to the same place, but that would mean making different hubs for different amounts of monitors.
If the display only has the USB-C port on it and the hub is connected to that with all other ports on it, in a multi-monitor setting you might just be able to use a third party hub to get the single hub experience?


Too cool. Love the design sketches. Just get to explore things then, every of they aren’t feasible. :wink:

This all looks terribly complicated and expensive… A lot of that stuff looks like form over function. Personally, I’m hoping for a simple, clean design. Something that looks like a normal monitor stand, with the basics included: adjustable tilt, rotate, basic cable management, VESA-compatible. Having the VESA-mount as standard (hopefully straight on the monitor without any adapters required) does mean that I could use a third-party stand/arm if the default one wasn’t to my taste. For the monitor itself, no visual flourishes, just simple, black, basic materials, easy-to-use controls, maybe some USB ports on the left side.

I want a computer monitor for my apartment, not a LAN center or an art studio.