Upgrading my CPU-cooler, help me to decide

Hi! (I have no idea how to begin conversations, so I hope saying “hi” is enough)

I am not happy with the build-quality of my current CPU-cooler. I am looking for a more effective way to dissipate heat away. Watercooling looks like the most obvious solution, as my Mini-ITX case only supports up to 65mm traditional coolers, and 120mm radiators.

I consider buying one of these AIO-liquidcoolers:

I cannot decide which one to pick. These both are located at a very competitive price-range. Cooler Master’s model is few € cheaper, than the one made by SilentiumPC. But, does it provide the same features, and performance?

What do you think? Which one should I buy:

  • Navis Pro, by SilentiumPC (59€)
  • MasterLiquid Lite, by Cooler Master (48,60€)

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If you have something else to suggest, please let me know. (And please, make sure it is available in Europe. I do not want to hassle with customs :roll_eyes:).

In my build the radiator size is limited to 120mm. Radiator-thickness shouldn’t be a problem. However, it needs to be compactible with AM4-base, as the brain of my build is Ryzen 7 1800X.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You will need to let us know what cpu chip you are using and if you are overclocking it. Usually, for air cooling in an itx case you will need a low profile fan. If considering a AIO water cooler, you will need to account for the thickness of the radiator and its accompany fan too. You really didn’t give us enough information to work with

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2000 called, it wants it’s web design back.

What kind of cpu do you have ( Intel or AMD)?

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Ooops! I forget essential info, thanks for reminding. Radiator thickness should not be an issue, but the cooler needs to be compatible with AM4-base (I am using Ryzen 7, 1800X). I was not planning to overclock, but neither fry my CPU. :sweat_smile:

AMD, Ryzen 1800X. AM4, if I correctly remember.

From what I heard AMD chips don’t run that hot when stock. So I will guess any water cooler will be fine. I guess you are set on AIOs right?

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Yep, I will not try to engineer anything inside my small case. Buying AIO saves time, nerves, and reduces the risk of any kind of leaks. Sometimes it is even cheaper to buy a pre-constructed one…

Haha. I was actually referring to air cooling.
Anyway, if I were you, I will just get the cheaper options. Don’t think you will run into thermal issues with a stock 1800X

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Oh cmon, that was at least 2004 :laughing::laughing::laughing: