Updated to FW 107, now having text problems at lower resolutions

Just updated to the latest 107 firmware today and hit an issue with text resolution when moving to lower resolution.

When at full 4K resolution the text on Windows 10 is readable and perfectly set up with Clear Type, but when I drop down to 1440p, which I need to use for certain games I play that do not have proper UI scaling to 4K, the text is like it’s from Windows 98.

Now I know scaling down to 1440p will mean the text isn’t perfect, but pre-update the text at 1440p was fine, but after update to 107 it’s horrible. It’s almost like there’s no smoothing being applied to the whole monitor as even the taskbar, icons & text are very pixelated.

Just to re-iterate, pre-107 @1440p the text, icons and taskbar were all fine, but after update, something has gone awry.

Any suggestions?

If you haven’t performed a factory reset of your settings in the monitor, I would start there. Seems that sometimes features have incorrect or conflicting settings over firmware generations.

There’s a possibility that this is related to the pixel-perfect scaling feature. The way it calculates scaled pixels has changed, and it does a bad job with non-integer scale factors like the one you get with 1440p.

I think that the on-screen menu has this buried under Picture > Aspect Ratio. I would check on my Spectrum, but that setting is disabled when you have a HDR picture signal and I can’t be bothered to change my display settings to check.