Update on Spectrum features

Hi Community,

In this post we wanted to give you an update on all of the technical features of Spectrum! We have gotten these confirmed while we’ve been working on the design of the monitor. Feel free to comment on any of this as well as share your thoughts!

Features, updated for early September

(recently confirmed or changed items have been underlined)

Project Spectrum
Size 27 inches
Resolution 2560 x 1440 ‘Quad-HD’
Brightness 400 cd/m²
Local dimming with 8 zones
HDR HDR10 Media Profile
VESA DisplayHDR400 certified
Color depth 1.07 Billion colors (8-bit + A-FRC)
Refresh rate Up to 144 Hz native
Up to 165 Hz through overclock
Color gamut DCI-P3 98%
Emulated sRGB mode mapped to DCI-P3
for optimal color accuracy of sRGB content
Response time 1 ms
HDMI 1x HDMI 2.0a
DisplayPort 2x DisplayPort 1.4
Dual inputs or daisy-chain pass-through
USB Type-C 1x with USB PowerDelivery up to 100 W
1x up to 5V 3A, video signal support only
USB Type-A 2x (built-in hub)
Other Features
Adaptive sync FreeSync 2 certified
G-SYNC Compatible certified
10Hz through 165Hz
Variable overdrive Yes
Backlight strobing Yes
Dual active inputs Yes
Picture-in-picture mode and split-screen mode
Speakers No
Pen-enabled No
Touch-enabled No
Wall-mount compatible Yes
VESA Mounting Interface Standard
feature support notes
HDMI 2.1 support No No scalars with support available yet. We’re ‘limited’ to HDMI 2.0a, but that is more than sufficient to drive this display and all its supported features.
DisplayPort 2.0 support No We’re ‘limited’ to DisplayPort 1.4, but that is more than sufficient to drive this display and all its supported features.
Second DisplayPort Yes Both as a secondary display input and for daisy-chaining a second monitor.
Second USB Type-C port Yes* Features are more limited than the first port: the second USB-C port will only support video signals and no USB protocol. The second port can deliver up to 5W 3A.
Edge-to-edge cover glass TBD Still being checked with manufacturer
Open-source firmware Yes* Still checking with manufacturer about the exact options available
Pixel-perfect integer-ratio upscaling by pixel duplication Yes This will be the default upscaling method for input signals below native resolution. Still checking with manufacturer into turning it off as an option for those who want ‘traditional’ upscaling
Ability to disable local dimming TBD* We want this, details are still being checked with manufacturer
Backlight strobing support Yes
Backlight strobing that works in combination with variable overdrive Yes
Backlight strobing that works in combination with variable refresh rate TBD Still being checked with manufacturer
Multiple variable overdrive profiles Yes
Emulated sRGB mode for optimal color accuracy of sRGB content Yes
Support for storing a 3D LUT calibration profile in firmware Yes* It is possible, but requires flashing the firmware with the updated profile. Like other firmware features, exact details are still being checked with manufacturer.
Picture-in-picture or split-screen support for dual active inputs Yes Both picture-in-picture mode and split-screen mode will be supported.
Ask assistance from respected specialists like TFTcentral for default tuning Yes* Dependent on them being on board, of course

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Looks solid. Just need to get the design correct with price to match. Hope have a matte black finish for it.


In theory, would I be able to power a monitor with the Usb-C PD? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good! I really hope you are able to get the edge-to-edge glass. I’m glad you were able to add picture-in-picture and split screen to the monitor since I use both of this very much. When can we expect renders of the monitor?


@Javild Renders next week,

@TristanSchaaf USB PD is totally doable


So daisy chaining both power and display? :grimacing:

(powering the second spectrum from the first one usb PD)


Very positive update. I’m surprised how many things will be available. Renders can’t come soon enough : )


Looks perfect! I hope it’s affordable though…


Looks incredible so far! Hope it has an equally impressive price tag that undercuts the competition :smiley:

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Lack of DP 2.0 is a bit of a bummer, but the standard these days seems to be DP 1.4 anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just not as future-proof as expected.

I’m probably more disappointed about the second USB-C only being a video port (if I read that right). None of my current devices need a USB-C video port. Maybe somebody can figure something out with the firmware being open source.

It really makes absolutely no difference as far as future-proofing is concerned. DisplayPort 1.4 supports everything this monitor will be capable of, and short of changing out hardware components (which isn’t a realistic scenario, really) no changes can be made that would make this monitor require more than DisplayPort 1.4 can offer.

On a graphics card the story may be different. Your current monitor might not have features that surpass DP1.4, but you could swap it out with a newer model with newer hardware that requires higher bandwidth, or you could upgrade other components in the PC that would make currently unused features of an existing DP2.0 monitor feasible for use.

So though DisplayPort 2.0 could be considered ‘future-proofing’ on a graphics card, on a monitor, effectively, it would just be a shiny badge we can put on the box that we can point at and say “Look! Our monitor supports this new thing and theirs doesn’t!”. It would have no practical benefit to anyone, not now, and not in the future…

The same logic applies to HDMI 2.1, which is why our HDMI 2.0a is also in no way an issue.


The specs are looking very good! Any update on a release date?


That would be absolutely incredible and a very solid statement. Only one upcoming Asus monitor has this feature. Other specs look awesome!


Good job dough.community! I’m curious about the next steps.

Why oh why is there not ethernet port?? I would love to “only have to plug in one cable” which is what usb-c is all about, and which is the only reason I would switch to an usb-c screen, but the fact an ethernet port is missing makes that feature not possible anymore…

It may have something to do with only 12% of respondents voting for that feature back when we polled about ports…


I think 12% is rather sizeable actually, especially for a feature that probably doesn’t cost more than a few dollars at scale… I for one will not buy an usb-c screen that doesn’t have it, and if the rest of those 12% think the same that’s 12% less potential sales…

Since there’s USB I think a good option is a just attaching a USB ethernet dongle. At speeds of 4.8 Gbit/s for USB 3 there shouldn’t be a noticeable bottleneck unless you also add a bunch of other bandwidth intensive devices like hard drives on the same HUB.


I kinda like that on the first you say “to bad for lack of future proofing” (which is debatable looking at @Helios his comment). And the very next statement is “Non of my current devices have this”… which is the idea about future proofing.

As for the ethernet port ( @seppe @fretje) 10Gbit ethernet port is expensive. 1Gbit ethernet port not so much. But as stated above, the limit of USB transfer speeds allow for enough data to flow through. Plus with a dongle you can get way more ports to your liking. Use some sticky tape and you have the port at the side you want.

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The whole point is not having to muck around with those damned dongles anymore :-s