Update on new batch of screens?

Is there any update on the new replacement batch of screens? Do we know if the new batch has arrived and if they have passed the quality control checks?

Thanks – Cameron

The next update is due on the 14th as stated previously


Screens should arrive on June 14.

@cninham Please check this thread for updates Update on new batch of screens? If/whenever possible please look for existing threads before creating new ones as it helps to keep things in one place :slight_smile:

@Helios it looks like the question was answered, perhaps you could merge this to the main thread and close this one if @cninham doesn’t mind

Though the displays are slated to arrive on the 14th, keep in mind that Konsta has announced the next production update for the 16th. That’s when you’ll learn more.

Note that you can always find the current project status in Eve V | Revolution starts with you.