Update Bios from Eve download

Dear All,

Just a short question. Is it necessary to update the Bios on the V.
I am a little bit worried because I am definitely not an expert.
On Eve V device there is two bios available, Which one to choose and is there any risk?
If you can give me some advice, like deactivated the window s defender or other.
Thank a lot

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Well, you can pretty much follow the FAQ you have shown in the screenshot. It recommends installing the BIOS version 0.41 BETA from the download page.

I’ll quote the risk below:

Make sure your V stays powered on, and do not press any button during this process.

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Hello @Lore_Wonder ,

Thank for your answer.

Do you thing it will fix my black screen issue when starting following my post today “Black screen again”.

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You’re welcome! I’m not able to help with this question. If you’d like to enquire the support team, here is the page.

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Thank a lot @Lore_Wonder

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I very much doubt that the BIOS update will fix the issue you’re having, and I don’t know how you would install it if you cannot boot the machine.