Upcoming 8th Gen Intel Core "Cannonlake" 10nm CPU's

I have been reading some interesting articles about the upcoming 8th Gen Intel Core CPU’s (Cannonlake) with a 10nm die shrink. What is interesting about it is, that it is a six-core, 12-thread with a pretty standard cache design, with 1.5MB of L2 and 9MB of L3 cache, running at 2.6GHz.

Article: https://www.pcgamesn.com/intel-cannonlake-10nm

“Despite that low clockspeed the early Sandra results have the processor arithmetic performance well ahead of a quad-core desktop Kaby Lake chip running at 4.2GHz.”

My question is: Can we expect the next batch of V 2-in-1 Tablets to ship with the new upcomming 8th Gen Intel Cannonlake 10nm CPUs?

From what I can tell, the performance is superior to some overclocked desktop chips while still being a low powered mobile chip.


Well there’s already a thread dedicated to discussing processor refreshes in https://dough.community/t/i-would-pay-1-000-more-for-coffee-lake-1tb-ssd-and-32gb-ram/8600 but I would say Cannonlake is even further out on the timeline…by next batch do you mean a possible future generation Eve sequel? Nobody knows whether we can expect a sequel, but definitely yes the performance of a future-generation chip can be an exciting thought…


It is very interesting to see that Intel changed the strategy when updating the new generation of CPU: in the 8th generation, we can see three different architecture, Kaby lake refreshed, Coffee lake, and cannon lake

For sure Eve will try to use the latest generation of CPU when updating the product, but it’s hard to say what “LAKE” will be used now…


I would like to add to what @Xinjie said that V will be shipping with current latest core Y CPUS (Kabylake) for a while before the refresh (earliest refresh for V we see is 2019 based on Intel roadmaps)

CPU @sudoapt is referring too is not really for the form factor V has nor for small portable laptops. It’s more of a desktop architecture!