Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

It’s been a few weeks in, and I’m loving the Spectrum so far! This issue is a small one, and can be best described by the following screenshot.


I’ve confirmed that this is the spectrum’s hub because if I eject it, all of my devices connected to the hub stop working. It’s connected via USB type C. The hub in general works fine though! It’s just low-key annoying to see, and I wonder if there’s a fix, or if anyone else has experienced it.

I’m on firmware 101, and I thought about upgrading my firmware to be sure, but I looked at the changelog for 102, and it doesn’t mention this at all, and I didn’t want to risk breaking something else.


Hi @litanong,

The first step of investigating this behavior on the firmware side is to reproduce it on our end. To increase the chance of successful replication, we’ll need to collect the following information:

When this behavior is observed,

  1. An image of the Input/Output menu of the OSD.
  2. Which device is connected to which port of the monitor via what cable? GPU needs to be specified if the device is a PC.
  3. For any Windows device, is faster startup enabled in the BIOS?
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Sorry for the late reply!

Here’s the requested information.

  1. Input/Output menu of OSD
  2. I’m on a PC. The display is connected to my RX 5700 XT via HDMI. The USB Hub is connected from the USB-C port of the monitor to a USB-A 3.0 port on my PC. The cable is USB 3.0.
  3. It is not, because BIOS/UEFI is never skipped.

Thank you for the insight! We’ll get started on it.

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I’m also having this issue can confirm on 1.5 FW as I used a process of elimination. I have the USB 3 B cable connected to the upstream port on the monitor then the other USB A end connected to my PC.

Keep recieving behaviour as if I was unplugging and plugging a USB device back in.

I confirm this problem on Linux 5.11.

My Wacom tablet doesn’t work after booting, but when I unplug and re-plug it into the back of the monitor, it starts working.

Here’s an interesting observation:

My keyboard shows a small backlight animation when it is powered on. When I attach this keyboard to the Eve Spectrum, I see the animation up to six times during boot. This means the ports are powered (off and) on up to six times. There’s our problem.

Upgraded to Firmware 104, but this issue is still present. (Not really hounding anyone to hurry up or anything. This is just an FYI.)

On Windows 11, this error can be more conveniently found under Settings > Bluetooth & Devices.


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Yup - this is another of the issues with the USB Hub that we’ve got an open case with our fw dev team. Fortunately, as of my last meeting with the FW team, they have developed what they think is a working fix for this and are testing internally - I have another meeting with them tonight to (hopefully!) get some positive news on this issue.

Stay tuned!


To follow-up on this, we haven’t gotten this fully worked out, but there has been progress on related issues of 1) the ability to manually select USB Hub source at any time by pressing up on the joystick, and 2) the ability to tie a USB hub source to any video input, which is supposed to be ready for testing soon.

I’m hopeful that these two issues will combine to also provide a fix for this issue, as the fw dev team is looking into this as well.