Unbox Therapy follow up video on the Eve V

One of the larger YTers revisiting the Eve V after a viewer messages him.


I was very scared that this moment would come. I think it’s bad that such a video was made. Now it’s all over. Eve was officially and widely deceived by a scam. It will spread the company to the end. If anyone was wise enough and thought that such publicity would help him regain his money, he was naïve. In my opinion, this opportunity has just been lost.


They get what they deserve. Should have been more forthcoming with info. I think publicity like this is what helps to keep businesses large or small in check and honest. They don’t want the publicity they should do something about it… Like show there faces again, ship devices, maybe pay out refunds. They have options… They are making a choice by doing nothing. No sympathy here.


And I just received the email mentioned in the last update saying they would be sending me a tracking number after the 18th of this month and that I just needed to verify my address my an answer reply to this email. I’ve contacted Eve a few times over the last year and this is the only time I’ve been sent an email with such specifics. Is it because of this video? Doubt it, I’ve never heard of this guy before and there are tons of reviewers. I looked at tech magazine and website companies when researching the V. Videos mean less than dirt to me, everybody can make one. I think there may be some small backlash from this, but if Eve gets V’s shipped shortly, fixes its warranty and accessory problem as well as start refunds, it will blow over in time. People have very, very short memories, and if they get this mess behind them, come out with a killer next product, this kind of stuff will be long forgotten. I just feel sorry for those watching this cause fear can cause people to thunk/act irrationally and against their own interest. The fact is this: everyone bought into a new start up company with no large money backing (1.4mil is peanuts in biz guys) and thus already had a chance of losing their money. Those screaming lawsuits and such won’t do any of that in the end, it’s just empty threats. I spent my good money and am upset about the delay and communication issues, but in the end if I never get my V, it will only be 100% my doing, nobody elses. Bottom line is in reality its not Eve, not this forum, just my own fault. I took the risk, even to go beyond Paypal’s 180 day limit, it was my decision. If people want their cake and eat it too with little to no risk…buy from a big well known company.
Yes Eve definately made some mistakes, but literally thousands of companies do every year and most will fail because of it. This video probably let someone vent a bunch, so it most likely accomplished that and I hope it was able to help this person psychologically, but it won’t get his V or refund to him any quicker. But it will have no effect on Eve in the long term. If Eve is able to fix its issues, it should be a force to recon with I think, unless Microsoft or other large players feel threatened and decide to take them out. If it can’t fix them, it will go do the tubes like so many others. That’s it. I still hope everyone gets there V’s and Refunds though, even though I still stand behind my words, doesn’t mean I don’t understand anything about spending your hard earned cash and hard it is when you lose it.


While this hurts my own ability to get a refund, I’d rather new customers not fall into this trap until orders resume processing. I don’t want a refund from someone else “taking my spot” in line if it will cause them the same misery. That’s not ethical.


He just killed EVE. Half a milion people viewed this already. No one will order from you guys anymore.
Good news for those of us lucky enough to have one: in a couple of years it will be a collectors item. :smiley:

Good on you for accepting things. I’m sure Paypal is somewhat at fault here, because there are records of them freezing funds for no or security reasons. But in the end, Eve may took it too long/too vague and made it look like a scam…

Which hooly smokes… Lew from UnboxTherapy actually sticks up to his integrity and shared attention to the issue.

@jollygrin Personally, this would scare off a lot of investors. So yeah it may impair refunds. What use is a company with frozen fund, uninteresting project B (a tech bag), and a distrusted customers.

Hope Eve get something good going to the future, but for now they’re screwed.


so, this if funny? What the heck means this dirty laughing smiley?
Schadefreude? It does not do you any good…

Interesting Comment from one of the viewers of the video on the subject of Paypal

The main problem here is actually Paypal! I manage and consult for various digital e-commerce companies and the usual problem that keeps popping up for the past 3 years is that Paypal holds companies’ money when the cashflow or transactions gets too big in their platform(starts at around 50-100k usd). They have this excuse about it being an “increased security” thing, but really, it’s just that they’re worried about that big of an amount being liquid and out of Paypal… I’ve seen this happen with countless clients of mine and it’s a sad thing to watch cause most of them don’t get their money from Paypal even if they have the right papers to show the legitimacy of their brand. As for Eve shipping the orders that are placed more recent, theyre able to ship that out cause the payment for those items are easily liquidated from Stripe (credit card transactions) or newly created accounts on Paypal (maybe they learned their lesson on putting all their money in one account). So yeah, basically they’re both at fault here but Paypal is the douchebag bully in the middle that steals money from these small businesses.

While I admire UT’s willingness to revisit an old item and apologize to viewers he feel he misled, he should have done a bit more research. Eve has communicated many times in the last year (as users of this forum obviously know). Granted, what they’ve said isn’t what people want to hear, but that’s another issue. The other thing is UT kept saying “exclusively available on Indiegogo”. To be honest, most of the people who backed the V on Indiegogo probably received the device, most of the unfulfilled orders are probably flash sale ones like mine.

Didn’t realize Eve cut off the ability for new users to join the community until I read the video’s comments…


For Therapy, it’s good, as a BIG TYer showing his intelligence and responsibility taking care of viewers.

For those viewers who haven’t buy V, it’s good, they probably won’t take risk from Eve after watching the video.

BUT That’s definitely, absolutely not “Good news” for whoever involve in Eve:

For Eve itself, damaging reputation, series of problem related appear, IF these problem ruin Eve:

For customers who have V, they lose future support: replacement, warranty, driver update etc.

For customers who is waiting refund & V, they won’t get it forever.


It is not good, but basically he said aloud what many in these forums have been saying for a while. All of this is an effect of poor management. EVE is much better at engineering than management & business. I am quite happy with my V, but since I’ve revisited the forums and found out people still wait for their Vs ordered in December 2017 I warn everyone I meet who asks about the device not to buy one. You can wait a year for a piece of art, not for a computer.


While Eve failing is the last thing I want to see (and I dare say I’m not the only one who feels this way), it is good to see one of the larger YouTube tech reviewers actually putting an update out there regarding the situation many of us are currently facing and essentially telling people not to buy one currently.

I wonder if Eve will reach out to this guy to try and explain the situation?


EVE killed EVE! Not this video. I praise the video. For us who dropped $2000 on a V based on videos like this is it refreshing to see those people do the right thing and say they were wrong and bring awareness. Also, this video and others like it ALL challenge Eve to respond and make it right. If they did than I am sure these media people would say so. Eve CAN save face but they are unwilling or are just too stupid to do so. AND the fact that they are still taking money for V’s is just FRAUD!


That is the littlest of the problems. If my V lasts until December 2019 without any problems I’ll be happy and will just toss it on the shelf (you know, collectors item etc.) & buy something else. If it breaks down earlier - too bad, but it already gave me a year of service, so won’t cry over it. It is way better than paying $1700 and not getting anything at all.

I think it’s good such video was made. Unbox Therapy loses credibility otherwise. Why shouldn’t he make a video about it? It’s extremely fair and balanced.

It’s not good for PR right now. But if Eve turn it around and actually get the products shipped and launch something new and successful what’s to say he doesn’t do another follow up video about them coming good?


I wonder now when we will have an official response from Eve. Some public comment that they were killed, etc.


Next friday probably. Even the Community manager is probably tired of defending Eve. With all the updates that are basically saying “we got nothing” and last update started to lie about “next week for sho.”

The way I see it is that It doesn’t change anything in the short term. Eve still have investor problems and if the company does fold, it will mean that no one is getting refunds or devices from Eve. At best, the payment processors (PayPal, credit cards etc) will help. At worse, people will be out $1000+.

With UT releasing a video like this, it does put some pressure on the other tech YouTubers like LTT and Dave2D that have also said praises about the device.

In the worst case, it will mean that Eve have lost influencer trust and the next tech product won’t nearly have as much coverage compared to be before as I can’t imagine the YouTubers would want to recommend another product from Eve without ‘proof’/evidence that devices are being shipped…


This was quite a reasonable video in some respects and a bit too unbalanced in other ways.
Nonetheless I doubt very much if it will do or bring any long lasting harm to Eve. (Any publicity in business is more often than not good publicity!)

I see no point in Eve responding to him or anyone else unless and until they have everything in place for a strong & solid move forward that can be guaranteed to happen.

From the whispers I get from a few members here who seem to have received some recent promising news about tracking numbers in the last couple of days, I feel strongly that something is about to happen.

I must say I commend the management for finally keeping their mouth closed on this forum, until they have something real and reasonable to announce.

In my opinion this forum was formed for, has been and was responsible for creating the specs of the Eve V and more recently it was responsible for creating a lot of damage to the public image. Most of all I guarantee the many words splashed on this forum has hurt and made it extremely difficult to create strong investor confidence about Eve and even the V.

Having Helios writing the announcements is pure genius, I say this because I firmly believe he is by far the most eloquent and emotionally balanced writer of English in the team bar none.
He does not let his emotion get the better of him and writes just enough and no more.

The past history of feeding and answering the never ending barrage of complaints and gripes with “pleasant” words and promises into the forum just did not work.

Many of those announcements were often based on hope and many things the management wanted to undertake unfortunately have long and tedious time frames. It has been shown recently and proven, that it is far better to keep quiet until something real and tangible can be said.

I know it does not seem fair and for many is has been hard and very frustrating, because I’m sure they feel like they’ve left in the dark. But I know from my own business experiences that it has been necessary in order for the team to get on with repairing their problems and finding good, lasting, real and hopefully, permanent solutions.

From my experience as an owner of a V that I am very happy and proud to use every day, I can say that my V is very good and sometimes bordering on brilliant. I love it and wouldn’t swap if for anything else on the market.

I might sound like a one eyed fanboy, but I’m not really. I am a realist with experience in business and China. I have always had faith in the Eve team, but I must say that I came close to losing that faith in recent months with all the sad, angry and bitter posts here.

I will never agree that Eve are scamming anyone and I have a special knowledge of my own on how the company has been treated by the bank processors including PayPal.

The problems for the Eve team were and are very real and have been caused by credit card processors overreacting to the fast growth and quick influx of money. This has had a devastating domino effect on everybody involved and that’s the reality of what was behind this whole debacle. Perhaps one day the whole story can be told, but unfortunately if it was told now, then Eve could have more trouble than the story is worth.

In time maybe I might tell the real story as I can’t be affected, because I’m not party to having to rely on these processors and providers.

There is no easy or fast solution, but there is a Solution and it has and will take time to put into place completely and properly.

I do believe they have their investors in place at last and everyone needs to realise that these same investors are much more interested in the future of EVE than they are in the past problems and customers.

But on the other hand, I believe the management team has the customers of the past and present in their mind and hearts and these are their priority.

Please lets remember and be aware the investment money belongs to the investors, and what they say to do with that money is what will happen first.

I’m sure they want stability, systems, organisation and production to be the investors first priority, not past orders. The past orders will be taken care of in due time.

The investors are not emotional about money, I have never met an investor who mixes money with emotion.

Finally I can see there is a some movement and a solution coming.

I will finish off with something I said ages ago.

Once Eve is back on track and all the customers are as happy as they are going to be, then:-
For Gods sake shut this forum down!
It is nothing but a dangerous double edged sword for Eve that has served it purpose and then some.


I disagree, they should keep it open for sourcing ideas for the specs of a new device.
They should close it tho. once it has finished it’s purpose and just show a “product specs have been finalised the forum is closed until a new project”
Also they should make the topic restrictions higher. e.g. you have to be always on topic towards the project you are working on, if they have i open for different projects during different timeframes.