Unable to select text without keyboard/mouse

For the life of me, I am unable to select text on a web browser. I hold my finger on a word, and it always ends up selecting another word far from the one I am actually selecting. The arrowheads which allows us to select more text to the left or right doesn’t work as well.

Anyone facing this issue ?

I’ve got to say it’s a bit trickier than on a smartphone but it’s just Windows really.
Here’s my tip: Try pressing the word for a long time. Then instead of letting go move your finger a bit to a side and only then let go. This way you don’t open the right click menu and you’re able to use the arrowheads to change your selection.
Hope this helps

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Huh? Ok, maybe that’s your experience. That’s too bad if it is. My experience … this is not the way any of the three Windows touch screen devices work that I own and use regularly, including a Surface 3 LTE, Surface Pro 4, and a Dell Latitude 5179. I place my finger on a word on the screen and it does NOT select some other word. It selects the word I placed my finger on. To be fair, selecting one or two character words or digits may require slightly more precision on smaller screens, but I haven’t ever - up to this point in several years of using these three Windows touch screen devices - experienced this as this is just Windows being Windows type of thing. (I’ve never used a Windows phone though.)

The first thing I would try is to recalibrate the touch screen input.

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I had this issue a long time ago, I think it was the fact that I was zoomed in or the on screen keyboard was going whack or the browser. But I think it fixed with a restart

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Good memory is a great plus in life :blush:

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I was talking about the arrowheads and how I was able to use them properly. So far I haven’t had the the problem of selecting a different word than the one I’m touching. Except for tiny text where my fingers are too fat maybe.

I also have this problem from time to time. For me a restart usually fixes it, but whether restarting the browser is enough or if I need to restart the entire computer varies.

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Thanks a lot guys for the replies. I’ve narrowed down the issue to my browser - Vivaldi. I will see if there are any resolutions to this issue.


Oh yeah! I tried it out but then uninstalled that

Whenever I touch a word or any characters on the screen and want to expand or shrink the area of selection, if I don’t feel inclined to drag my finger along the screen for that process, then while whatever is selected on screen, I have to hold down the shift key and then proceed to use the arrow keys to expand or shrink the selected text. On the V, do you not have to hold down the shift key before using the arrow keys in order to change the selected characters on screen?

I just wanna update that the issue in Vivaldi is resolved in V2.3.1440.41 :slight_smile:

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I believe if you don’t want to use touch and use the arrowheads to expand the text selection, the only way is to hold shift and use the keyboard arrow keys. However, this method can only expand the text selection to the right.