Unable to change BIOS Firmware

Hi there, I’m having more and more pbs with my Eve V these days.
It doesn’t work anymore with my docking station for instance. I had resolution pbs too.
Now I wanted to update the BIOS, telling myself could be a good idea. But when I try to do it, with the FW from 2019, everything looks fine but when I check once I restarted, I’m still in BIOS from 2017. Do you know what I could do to update my Eve V?
Thx in advance for your help

I’m not sure what the problem is with the BIOS update, but I doubt the BIOS update will fix those issues. The 0.41 BETA BIOS update mainly fixed security vulnerabilities and reduced battery drain on sleep. It also displays “livefan” instead of “Eve” on boot (for reasons unknown) if quiet boot is on. In System BIOS it’s shown as I60P1-0.42 (5/16/2019).

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Thx for answering my question. Can you direct me so that I could upgrade my BIOS? I got the zip file, extracted it and then right-clicked as administrator on bios_flash, let everything work till “operation complete” message then restarted but still in Version du BIOS/Date American Megatrends Inc. 5.12, 10/11/2017
instead of 2019. And also have another pb : my TB device is not detected, wanted to upgrame the FW for TB but as not detected, it does’nt work either :frowning: Asking myself if I’m not gonna take a Surface Pro 8 instead :frowning:

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I’m sorry, it’s been such a long time since I upgraded the BIOS, I can’t remember precisely how the process worked (and I don’t really want to try to repeat it!). You could try the 0.38 version first, in case that works. Of course, there’s a risk that updating your BIOS bricks the machine, so I’m not sure it’s worth trying given I think it’s highly unlikely to fix the issues you’re having.

Have you checked device manager to see if there are any warnings associated with the thunderbolt? Do you have the intel thunderbolt application installed? Also, you could check to make sure that it’s turned on in BIOS.

Hi Phil, thx for your message. I’ll check if everything is turned on in BIOS :slight_smile: Let you know!