UEFI Splashscreen ▼

Does Eve provide a minimalistic E▼E UEFI splash screen for the lovely V?

Maybe some creative persons can post there ideas? :slight_smile:


That’d be cool!



▼ did it"


Well, it’s already became sort of a tradition to put the company’s logo there. I think it works very well :slight_smile:

I’d love to see a simplistic, monochromatic logo that fills a large section of the screen and fades in.

For the love of God, please don’t put any animations in there… not that I think you even can with UEFI.

No UEFI SplashScreen at all would be my choice. Or at least to have the chance to turn it off or change it to something else.

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I think you’re getting it wrong, mate :slight_smile: We’re not talking about long annoying animations. If I understood it correctly, UEFI splashscreen means just an icon that replaces the Windows icon while the tablet is loading. You can’t remove it, every PC has it. Normally it’s either the OEM’s logo or Windows logo, but in any case it’s there.
Because UEFI doesn’t really allow any other boot pictures. Even if it did, there wouldn’t be enough time to display it because we have an SSD :slight_smile:

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Yes, correctly.

Here an example:

Thanks for the clarification.

I still would prefer to be able to turn it off.

A simple minimalistic “Eve V” would looks fine, didnt so?

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So you prefer watching an empty black screen while the device boots? Don’t forget that the boot logo also serves as an indicator: if you don’t see it after pressing the power button, it means the battery is dead. Without a boot logo, you will be left staring at a black screen guessing whether it’s already booting or not.


I guess it is due to bad prior personal experience.

Mostly with cheap laptops/tablets. The worst of them made me wait for 3 whole additional seconds staring to the company logo before boot took place. Luckly it could be disabled as UEFI boot option. (Yes I know there is no reason for a little picture to make that much of a difference, so it had to be intentional) On other two I had to edit Files and patch the damn BIOS in order to get rid of it.

One of the reasons I like the PF so much is the promise of no bloatware, So when the UEFI SplashScheen was mentioned… Ugh. Visceral reaction.

The logo does NOT influence the time it takes to boot.
You can choose: stare for 3 seconds to a black screen or stare those 3 seconds to a boot logo. There is no third option.


Of course, if no increase in time. I prefer the logo to be as Minimalist as posible, an inverted Pyramid with no text.

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Sorry for this, but if you don’t know what you’re talking about…

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I was saying:
boot time NEVER depends on the logo. So most probably you just wated your time trying to disable them… Unless the engineers decided to make fun of the users, lol…

I know, right? Or as my suspicion was at the time they wanted as much screen time for their company logo as posible. The increased boot time was only on that one device. The other two was because having to Watch a ugly ass logo, with a bunch of Chinese characters every time hurt my eyes.

Haha, I see… I guess that’s what Chinese OEMs do, then? :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t worry, Eve V will be awesome!

I agree that just an inverted pyramid would be a simple, clean & awesome boot-logo :slight_smile:

In regards to the time before it goes to the logo - that’s usually because the motherboard is “POSTing” - basically performing a check that everything is still working well enough that it can boot an OS. :slight_smile:

(Just my personal 2 cents)