[Tutorial] How to make the Spectrum indicator light more of a "pure white"

Out the box, the Spectrum’s firmware default setting is for the indicator light to be white (R: 255, G: 255, B: 255).

Unfortunately, that default setting doesn’t result in a perfectly white LED. You’ll notice the LED has a slight cyan tint by default.

Luckily, the LED’s color is adjustable, so we can calibrate it through software to achieve something closer to a true white.


To achieve this look, I used these settings in the “Indicator light” section of the OSD:

R: 255
G: 127
B: 153


Note: I’m using firmware 105. If you’re using an older firmware, the RGB color sliders might be in the 0-100 range rather than the 0-255 range. If that’s the case, you might want to upgrade your firmware first.

The RGB values I put for standby correspond to half the values when awake. The goal was to have the same “pure white” tint, but with roughly half the brightness.

Note to Eve team:
In theory, this shouldn’t be needed if the LED color was properly calibrated out-of-the-box. While we have a working workaround here, it would be nice for upcoming firmware versions to calibrate the LED better. I have purchased 3 ES07D03’s at various points in time, and they all had the same cyan LED tint out-of-the-box, so it doesn’t appear to be due to a “bad batch” of hardware.

The custom color I’m putting in the OSD is the equivalent of #ff7f99, which should theoretically correspond to a bright pink, not a pure white.


Nice post. I make mine #FF00FF (255/0/255) while on, for a fuchsia color, and I attempted amber for when in sleep mode - but I had to go a bit differently than what the online RGB settings said.

I ended up with #FF3F00 (255/63/0) to get a seemingly amber color.

Thanks for sharing your insight!


Coincidentally, I used the exact same “fuchsia” colour for standby! :crazy_face:, but I prefer your amber colour, so I’ve changed ‘standby’ to 255/63/0 as well.
And my ‘on’ colour is green (0/31/0), of course?!