Turning off automatic updates in windows

Is this still impossible? I can’t have my computer suddenly doing an update in the middle of some important work. This is why I’ve been using a mac the last few years. It doesen’t do things I don’t tell it to do :slight_smile:
The active hours feature is useless, I want total control over when something happens on my computer.
I’ve actually had a PC do a big update in the middle of a sound system tuning session - the controller for that spesific system was windows based, so I had to use one of our rental tablets that normally is not connected to the internet. It somehow found and connected to an open wifi and boom, 1 hour of updates, even though I had set the active hours correct.

Any windows geeks have a workaround?

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It’s possible to set your “active hours” (Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Change active hours). Windows will not update during these hours.

It’s not a complete workaround, but it does most of the job quite nicely.

Edit: Oops, just saw the “The active hours feature is useless, I want total control…” part of your message. I should really read the whole paragraph before replying… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m aware of the active hours feature, however If your read my post you would see that I’m looking for a better solution :slight_smile:

Here you go…

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The metered connection workaround is interesting, are there any effects that method would have other than stopping updates from downloading?

cool, only works on windows pro, thats fine :slight_smile:
thanks @dibadibadu

another quick and dirty solution:

open command line as admin
type net stop wuauserv
maybe repeat until the service is really closed (look up in task manager).

Write a script and put it to autostart.

If you have Windows 10 Home there’s little you can do. If you have Pro, you can hop into Group Policy and manually configure how your computer receives updates.

It’s absolutely ridiculous how Microsoft thinks this is acceptable behavior. One of my biggest gripes with Windows.

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