Trust is hard. (apparently so are titles)

Hi. Very interested in this project. Still just sniffing around at this point. Having been burned on several other new tech projects with auspicious intentions, I’m hopeful but still wary. So far, Eve is the best prospect for my needs in terms of function and am looking forward to its success.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out how to share some of my thoughts on desired features at some point soon.


Best of luck!!


@icarrizal Hey Erik (Chips)
Please be careful and exercise caution and discernment when you assess and finally make your decision, especially, based on the posts here on the “Festivus Airing of Grievances”.

In addition to the many recent posts, read the reviews and the views of the happy people by searching and be sure to get a balanced point of view.

I think this particular thread is mainly the few (comparatively) unhappy ones. And I would strongly suspect the actual number of people complaining here are few (It would be good if somebody actually counted them), when compared to the thousands of us who are happy.
Sadly, it will not give you a balanced view!

I have been here a long time (1 year+ ). Many and most of the happy and contented ones have already left are getting on with their life, and they obviously see no reason to contribute in the forum any longer.
(I am here because I’m mostly retired and enjoy contributing where I can, as well I like the occasional verbal jousting.)

At the present time, the result is that this forum seems to be currently occupied by many of those with discontent and I agree some are quite justified and I fully understand their anger and disappointment.

In all seriousness I can’t blame them too much as they have become bitter and disappointed because they are experiencing delays and they expect to have updates about their trouble here on this forum, and they haven’t heard anything here. Then after they air their grievances here on the forum, their feelings are unfortunately further inflamed by the Mob mentality that is sometimes created here.

This forum is actually not set up for that reason, or the purpose of informing people about the state of manufacture and shipping times or delays.

Many months ago, unfortunately this forum did become such a place during the wait for the V’s by the initial backers
At that time this forum certainly became a virtual bun-fight of opposing opinions, good and bad.
I guess and I must stress that it is my opinion that the company Eve realised this error, and are now trying to set up an infra structure to communicate with each individual through email personally and directly.

I think and feel this is what is happening because I had an issue and it was resolved quickly and efficiently.
I never posted anything about it on the forum before because it was my issue and I knew that I needed to go through the official channel to have it resolved. Also it would not contribute to anything in the end by telling everyone about it here on the forum.

Eve is a private company who used this forum in the beginning to collect and obtain opinions and input from the community that formed and collaborated together, on the design of the EVE V.

This forum then unfortunately morphed into something else, and today again, it is very different.
I think and hope that the company and moderators are trying to steer it back to being a design community for future products.

(Please note that this is just my personal opinion and I could be wrong.
So I am willing stand and be corrected.
I must confirm that my experience with Eve has been as I expected and I have no complaints.
I will certainly buy their products again.
I think my V is awesome - I love it!)


Thanks for the welcome. I definitely appreciate what Eve is trying to do and not only wish to support it, but like the idea of having a machine that suits my needs. Frankly, for all the computer mfgs out there, seems like the more I pay, the more I’m disappointed. I could “made do” with the current mainstream offerings - but not at those prices; because I can also make do with what I already have and not spend a cent.
I try not to be a whiner, but rather a searcher. I nail down exactly what I need then look for something that can match it. As tempting an impulse buy as the Eve machine was, there just wasn’t enough info for me to make a confident purchase. I figured my waiting was best for everyone.
When allowed, I’ll post some of my wish list features that haven’t been posted by others. My specs are pretty specific, maybe not realistic, but definitely fleshed-out. Still, my old Thinkpad is starting to show her age (x220) so it’s really time for me to start investigating and comparing options. I’d be super-jazzed to find exactly what I want.
Mfgs don’t seem to get me. They appear to think I care most about price, or status, or bling. I don’t. I just want to get my work done.
I like what I’m seeing here so far. There is definitely room in this market for a mfg with more simple and direct goals and less corporate disconnection and bloat.
Cheers everyone!

So how hardcore do I need to be before I can post ideas/suggestions/wishlist topics here?
Or is that the type of question that if I have to ask, I’m clearly not ready? :thinking: hmmm.

There is no level of hardcoreness required to participate or add your ideas in the community. After all, EVE is a company built around community participation, so the more voices there are, the better!


It is totally up to you.

You don’t have to be hardcore, and you can post here anytime you want and contribute to any subject and say anything that you might feel compelled to say about it.

It’s mostly expected that you’ll say things that are in alignment with the topic and sometimes you might wander away from the topic.

Or you can create a completely new topic.

Up to you!
Just go for it!

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If you mean create a new topic, you simply have to find the button.

Do you need a tablet now? If so, V is not for you.

Shipping and QC are things Eve are working on…
We are in the Guinea pigs stage…

Thanks for the heads-up.

I’ll be buying when either:

  • all of 3 things happen
  1. Product meets all of my feature requirements/specs

  2. Product is within my budget

  3. Product is available for delivery/pickup immediately or pre-order w/out deposit.

  • my current machine ceases to operate or can no longer perform up to specs of my OS/Apps (in which case I will compromise on the first of the above list, may compromise on the second, but could not compromise on the third.)

My Achilles’ heel would be if I were offered my ‘Dream Machine’. All bets are probably off at that point.

Thanks for the advice, everybody. I seemed to have gotten a “Basic” badge, so I can add topics now and have shared the first of my “Dream Machine” features.