Trouble cleaning Glossy 4k screen

I finally received my spectrum about a month or two ago, and I’m loving it. However, I’m now trying to clean the screen of the smudges I made with the official Eve cleaning kit I ordered, but the smudging just keeps getting worse the more I try, and now it looks ghastly with moderate light on. Can someone please give me advice on how I can clean the smudging off? Thanks!


Hi there,

That depends on what is causing the smudge in the first place.

From the picture, it looks like a regular hand smudge, but things get tricky when it is mixed with different things (oil or lotion; to name a few). Our hands generate oil that when it touches the screen, will create a smudge that persists even after wiping.

You might need to clean the screen a couple of times before it is completely smudge-free. But make sure to do it sparingly.

Some general tips:

  • You have to make sure that the cloth(s) you use are completely clean
  • Start with the liquid and spray it onto the cloth instead of spraying it directly to the screen to prevent damage
  • Use a circular motion when wiping. Do not apply too much pressure.
  • Once you finish wiping with the wet cloth, continue with dry cloth to clean the screen from any liquid residue.

Be patient when handling the screen, as too much pressure will do no good. Doing it too often will damage the coating.

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