Track pad ‘worn’ area

First off, I absolutely love my i7 Eve V. I love the screen, the overall operation, the speed, the function . . . I couldn’t be happier. I’ve only had mine a couple of days and my use hasn’t been constant nor hard. However, I notice that the track pad already shows the area where I most have my fingers on it, almost like it’s worn thru the initial finish of the track pad. It functions perfectly and only appears as an aesthetic distraction. I’m wondering if others have the same experience. image

hm… strange… isn’t that worn area should be gorilla glass, rite?

Have you tried cleaning it? I find on most devices that this shine is usually due to a rapid buildup of body or food oils. You see it on keyboards and mice all the time. A light cleaning agent and a good scrub with a soft cloth can help clear this up.


So simple and I feel so dumb! Yup, lens cleaner took it away quite easily!