Touch screen gestures not working

I have tried to use touchscreen gestures (3 fingers swipe left, right, etc) but they doesn’t seem to work. They only work on trackpad.

I have searched high and low but could not find any solution, or whether this is even possible.

This is my first windows tablet, so some help here?

The gestures you mention only work on the trackpad. If you want gestures on the screen you need to use a program like Tablet Pro.


I second TabletPro - really great program.

I see. So this applies to all tablet as well? That the gesture dont work? I wonder why.

Thanks for the replies guys!

BTW, which package did you buy for the Tablet Pro?

I dont think win10 has gestures for tablet mode on the toich screen. So its same with every win10 device

your finger in tablet mode replaces a mouse. Does a mouse have/need gestures? Tapping and holding means right click, tapping short means left click, tapping holding and moving the finger means scroll…

A mouse has no need for gestures, but a tablet does. Anyway, its me over expecting windows to have similar gestures mode as ipad. My bad.

Only gestures left in win10 seem to be the left and right edge swipes

There are diagonal swipes for editing too.