Took too long... Bought Yoga 910, glad I did

Frequented this forum to check the status on the V, I shared the excitement of the community and was willing to postpone laptop upgrade for V release. I understand, shit happens, but I couldn’t wait any longer and purchased Yoga 910 (which I had been researching along with the V). I talked myself into with, “By the time the V is released and goes through the standard mess of 1st gen hurdles, I’ll be ready to upgrade from Yoga 910, or maybe just get it as second laptop, or maybe there will be even more exciting alternatives by the time V is released and solid”. I’ve had 910 for 2 weeks, love it, happy with decision not to continue waiting.


It’s a shame you weren’t able to wait any longer, but I hope your Yoga will serve you well. Of course you’re still welcome to participate in Enjoy your new device!


It’s a nice machine for sure, the display looks great and the hinge is beautiful.

That said I held back from it due to reports of loud fans and heat, plus poor battery life. Which spec did you go for and are you finding these issues? Also I imagine you can get pretty good deals now given a 920 is right around the corner…

Good to know, as long as you are seeing that there is any productivity loss for your work (purpose/need for 2 in 1) and you are happy with whatever decision you have made (wait or buy), we all are happy for you. Since you have just bought the same, and I am hoping that you have a return terms too, if you see that you can wait for V webshop to open (Oct-Nov) you are always welcome to buy.


I actually think this is brilliant, since now you can tell what are the best parts and lessons learned of your new pc to implement and avoid in gen II V.
And in best scenario you have them both side to side for comparing. At least I’m interested to hear more about your journey :+1:t2:


congratulations on your new device. couple of questions.

would you say that your workflow/usage favours laptop mode over tablet mode?

I ask because it is interesting you had to choose between a device that heavily favours laptop mode (yoga) and a device that heavy favours tablet mode (eve v).

also do you think the yoga is weak as a tablet (mainly due to thickness and the keyboard at the back)?


Sarvastivada - I am in the same position. Having signed up around last November, I simply can’t wait any longer. My trusty old Samsung New Series 9 still works, and still looks great, but even with a new battery cannot go too far from a wall plug, so is no longer suitable for travelling.

Yes, the Eve will doubtless knock the OLD Sammy into a cocked hat on specs, screen quality, etc., but I have to have a replacement PDQ: I can’t keep waiting another month, then one more and over again. I have my eye on the (Samsung again) Note 9. No, it’s not a 2-in-1, but I have found that I don’t even use the separability with my tablet+keyboard (S2), or even bother flipping the keyboard back, so it’s not a big deal for me as long as the computer is light enough to carry easily.

When the Eve comes, I guess I’ll just use it as my office PC.

(I sent an e-mail to Eve nearly two months ago, by the way, asking if it was too late to cancel, but never saw a reply.)

Wow, November… I think I have been following the project since the beginning of the year which is already long enough… I did not pre-order it and thought I should be able to get it online sometime later. That still does not yet happen. I registered an account to express my concern. Consumer electronics, especially laptops, are very fast-moving market. They are not Tesla cars. A few more months later and the current tech may become last gen… AMD’s Ryzen Mobile is coming later this year already. We don’t know yet how the CPU will perform but the graphics unit is definitely much better than Intel. I can understand that startups are difficult and can face production scale difficulties, but this is really worrying.

Don’t worry too much mate! We are very close of getting the new displays and once that happens, we proceed to production with speed. Not to mention of course that the new display is an improvement on already a top-of-the line spec sheet. This doesn’t ofc fully stop the “aging” of the specs by no means, but it will surely refresh them to live longer.

BTW Teslas are updated constantly AFAIK so you never know which version you’re getting :smiley:


It’s too late to cancel. It was mentioned in the IGG campaign that you can’t cancel once the campaign is over for Hyper early birds and that you can cancel until you paid the full amount for early birds. That being said, I’m sorry to hear that the team didn’t answer you. I’m sure that your message just drowned somewhere… Good, that you came to the community and asked here again! :slight_smile: you can maybe contact the @Team about switching your spot with somebody else. I can imagine that they will provide this opportunity again due to the delays.

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Depending on what your chosen configuration was, we might be interested in buying your reservation spot from you.

We’ll be looking for 3-4 i7/16GB Vs shortly, so long as September shipping is still a go and if the 1TB SSD upgrade becomes a reality.

So let me know if you’re interested.


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Ditto. :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Hey I’m new here and I thought I’d type this out here instead of creating a new post.

Like the rest of you I’m really interested in acquiring the V, it’s sleek, fast, high quality and as it’s community based it’s essentially what you want.

The problem is that the laptop I use now is quite poor, it doesn’t allow me to view videos on YouTube or basically anywhere, it’s terribly slow it even lags when I access Microsoft word and to top it off the battery doesn’t last more than an hour so I have to constantly charge it. The issue comes with the fact that I’ll be attending university this year around 1/3 of the way through September and I’ll need a laptop or a 2n1 (I’d prefer a smallish laptop 14" or under, or the latter) and obviously my current model isn’t portable at all, it’s heavy and it dies quick. Though I can barely do anything on it (I actually used my school monitors for a period instead of going home because I knew they’d be more useful and they’re pretty poor) I can still type on it so it’s not like it’s completely useless

Anyway do you think it’s worth waiting for the V and using my laptop in the meantime or do you think I should just buy a laptop or 2n1 for university and perhaps wait for a V2? (just reply for more details if necessary, thank you!)

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As what has been touched on in many posts, chances of you (if you’re not a Hyper or Early Bird backer I assume) getting the V via the web store in September are really minimal. The projected timeline for Hyper is already August-September (and since we’re going into the second week of August) it would be wise to understand your own needs and whether you can hold out so long. Of course, V2 doesn’t exist yet and no plans from the team are revealed as to whether there will be a V2 so it would be best not to speculate on that too. As a Hyper Early Bird backer who needed the V for university starting 14 August the V is coming a little too late but I’m holding on to a laptop running on a Core 2 Duo from 2007 because my cash is all tied up. It’s really piss poor too so I get your pain. Hope you can find another device (even a less crummy old one) if you really want to wait for the V or if you can, afford multiple new devices.

Dear Syrtaki,

Thank you for your e-mail. Just for your reference, below my signature s the correspondence I had before, finishing on 5th May.

I appreciate that the cancellation date has passed, and I appreciate also that start-ups are bound to have delays. However, when I signed up, the target date held out was Jan or Feb 2017: now the target date seems barely any closer. AT a certain point, surely a non-cancellation policy becomes invalid?



Dear Konstantinos,

Cecilia of Indiegogo gave me your contact address (I guess it’s the same as the one on the website, and I have seen you in your videos) as a result of a query I raised. Please see the below e-mail.

I am excited about the prospect of getting an Eve V, and I note the progress on the prototypes and steps towards first production. But I am, as I mentioned to Cecilia, simply running out of time to replace my home computer as it (a Samsung Series 9) dates from about 2011 and is on its last legs. I am using my office laptop, and Acer, to write this!

I understand that the aim is to not compromise on quality and that the recent delays are a consequence of identifying and thus avoiding quality issues. I would also only reluctantly (and sadly) seek to cancel my order, even if this was an option. If it is simply not an option, then I fully accept this.

Please, though, could you advise what the options are.

Thanks and regards,


Nice to hear you guys are still so positive, I think this is the right attitude to run a successful startup. Sorry for expressing negative emotions here. :slight_smile:

Speaking of specs, say IF Ryzen Mobile has a low power passive cooled version coming out this or next year, will you consider making a Ryzen version? I might be a bit hyped by AMD’s announcement but can’t help thinking that having a much better integrated GPU in the V is very cool. Just want to know if everything is on the table.


Thank you! It’s really nice when new community members actually look first instead of just rushing to post a question that’s already been answered 10 times or creating a new thread when a similar one already exists.

Do feel free to create a new thread in #community:introduce-yourself if you want though. That’s what it’s here for :+1:

Well hehe, Of course we will consider making a lot of things with you guys :slight_smile: I mean that nothing is out of consideration by default

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Good to hear, I could also recommend the new mac pro series. The battery lifetime is great, I am using almost all Intellij IDEs and the it holds more than the whole day. So even though I hated apple for the price, it really is worth to consider as a valid option. Sadly I had to sell my Eve spot due to already having some problems because I bought devices and returned them every 2 weeks :smiley:

At uni I’ll use it for Microsoft (pdfs etc), presentations, some photo editing, light/ occasional gaming, Netflix and web surfing, I’ll probably be using some Google sketch up too and if possible I’d like to learn how to code but I’m not sure if it’s relevant