Tone mapping hdr ES07D03 + changed color temperature


I’ve got two different questions:
From some topics here it looks like the ES07D03 does not use tone mapping in hdr. Is that correct?

Another question: when upgrading the firmware from 102 (delivered version) to 104, the color temperature of my unit went from 6700K to 7200K. Downgrading to 102 did not solve the problem, but I’ve noticed that the scaler firmware did not downgrade. So could the new scaler firmware be the cause of the higher color temperature?

HDR tone mapping has been confirmed to be in the works. i dont think it has been officially released yet in the latest firmware.
looks like you haven’t upgraded to firmware 105 yet. maybe give that a try and see if the color temps have been fixed. you can always revert back to the previous firmware that you were comfortable with. the files should be within “how to upgrade your firmware” topic.

Updated to 105 and no difference. Color temperature is still too cold, unfortunately.

You can use user color temperature in SDR, and enter HDR to have similar color temperature. (or measure color temperature in HDR and adjust in SDR)