To V or not to V?

So I’m in the market for a new Windows10 device, looking for something portable. The main uses being for light consumption; things like web browsing, youtube, email, office, and at most some light gaming (at most World of Warcraft on low settings; that Y processor has me a little hesitant). I’m just wondering how other users have found their Eve V experience so far? What has stood the test of wear and tear, and what would need addressing in a hypothetical V2? Also has anyone tried WoW on a V yet? Is it passable?

Really liking the sound of Eve as a company and how user focused they are. I was previously looking at the expensive Surface Pro (2017) mainly for that U Kaby Lake cpu, but was a little dismayed to see that the Type Cover (keyboard) and Surface Pen were expensive seperate purchases (glad to see Eve getting this one right!). Both the keyboard and Pen seem essential must haves to me at this price point but what do I know, I’m just the customer. Anyone out there able to make a comparison between the two? Who does what better?

Lastly I just want to add this, as I’m little late to the Eve party I’m just wondering if we’re close of a redesign/spec-bump for the V? Don’t get me wrong, the V seems like an awesome machine - I’m just trying to get an impression of where we are in the production cycle and how Eve plans to move forward (rumours of a MBP killer? a phone? An AIO or workstation? Let’s speculate… because reasons…).

Cheers all

Better look to lenovo or HP if you want to have the ordered device in this life


If pricing isn’t your main concern then I would probably suggest buying a surface pro because god knows when they are going to deliver it to you once u placed an order , the CPU is way faster and although only has 4 gb of ram it’s still pretty quick and can probably handle WoW at low settings way better than the V . And even if the V has a bigger battery the surface has still a longer battery life and is way lighter . It has a screen on par with the v and way better speakers . And the Surface also comes with the lastest versions of Microsoft apps like word and PowerPoint which would be quite helpful .And if I were you , I would go for the surface because even if it’s more expensive I would say there is a lot of things done right better than the v and that will compensate the expensive price. And oh boy does the v attract a whole lot of fingerprints and gets your trackpad all greasy , and putting the heavy v on your lap is just so uncomfortable . And the MSP also has a very good camera and decent speakers compared to the shitty ones on the v , I’ve also heard that the v’s hinge stops being still and some point . And who knows if you’re v comes in with all these issues .But the v’s packaging and itself just looks gorgeous and although the v’s keyboard is very heavy compared to other 2 in 1s’ the Bluetooth function sure is helpful .

Does the v keyboard work seamlessly with the MSP? I would imagine that it would with the connector and bluetooth, just wondering about the rgb lights?

You seem to have a lot of problems with your V… You’re sure you’re not a single troubled customer? It seems that you mention some characteristics that shouldn’t be there (shorter battery life, slower CPU, screen on par, particular uncomfortable, shitty speakers). I saw these problems return 1 at a time for 1% of the customers, where the others were especially happy about these aspects (except for the speakers, but they’ve turned decent).

As for delivery: you’re garanteed a within 6 months delivery and the orders that are done now will be completed in 3 months as there are no delays known for these customers.

@DocWalken There is a topic in News&Announcements where Eve presents the outcome of a customer survey. I believe there also was a topic with multiple specific polls on the V experience with good comments on it why people voted what (don’t know exactly where it is, I’m sorry).

Maybe It’s nice to know that I owney a surface pro 4 and needed to buy a new laptop and was to choose between a surface pro (2017) and an Eve V. I chose for the V because of the I/O, it’s fanless (even SP’s become noisy) and their customer minded design characteristics. Also for E1700,- You’ve got the flagship V but a lesser SP. There has been a review by somebody who gamed with the V somewhere here (please someone help me :sweat_smile:)

So I think it depends whether you care about the amount of money spent and whether you’ll be needing a new laptop within 6 months. I hope I slightly helped :slightly_smiling_face:


I have an Eve and would strongly advise against getting one.

Aside from the well documented delays, there are a decent number of people receiving defective machines (~3% by Eve’s own estimation) and the support/replacement process is very slow.

On top of that I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by the performance and battery life of the Eve. I would agree with @Eve-V_Consumer on the screen attracting fingerprints, and have had the hinge issue mentioned (hinge came loose ~2 weeks receiving the device - that was in February and am still waiting on a replacement). Finally, The keyboard covering has scratched away a section of the protective film on the screen.

I don’t play Wow, but do play hearthstone on the Eve, which runs fine fwiw

People seem to miss it often recently, the product is called V. The company is called eve.
Just saying.

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I love my V, it has a decent battery life compared to normal laptop (previously owned an Asus A series), lasting at least 6 hours (or more, I have never pushed the limit).

So far so good on the hinge and etc.

Only complain is the uncertainty that it might wake in the middle of the sleep (hence at the moment I just shut it down or hibernate). Hibernate takes less than 2 sec, and booting up is less than 10 sec by my simple estimate.

Couldn’t this have been fixed by the solutions provided by the community?

not tracking but it seemed to me that these were very often the poor backers… Customers from the first flash sale on seem to have less problems…


I had this with different PCs and windows versions. This might be a Windows problem or same kind of software checking for updates. Check the windows task planer and check this How To Stop Windows 10 Randomly Waking From Sleep


Not really, not yet. Could be keyboard magnet issue interfering. At least there’s alternative ways (by using hibernate instead)

I decided that I couldn’t wait for a V to ship and ended up purchasing the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen). It arrived within a week of ordering it and it has been awesome. It’s quick, light-weight, and the keyboard rivals most traditional laptops. I couldn’t be happier with it.

oh, i’m sure you could. i was looking at the X1 Tablet a while back as well, but the config i wanted was like 4 grand. OLED screen yo!

just curious, uhm, does this TP X1 Tablet come with an active pen? :upside_down_face:

Haha good point. In another life I’ll have the money for that config.

It does come with an active pen. I believe the one it comes with has 2048 pressure sensitivity levels. That has been more than enough for me and my pitiful art skills.

Their website says that they are shipping in June, is that not a reliable estimate? Jus wondering if thats what threw you off on the wait time, or if the company is likely to miss that estimate.

Someone who ordered in april posted last week that his estimation hasn’t changed yet (still july). Although they had serious problems with delays, keep in mind these were after the first and second ever production run. Your device can be expected after 3 months and is garanteed within 6.

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I really doubt that June-July is a reliable estimate. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I read somewhere in the forum that people who bought in the first flash sale back in December still haven’t gotten their devices, and that THEIR estimated delivery is June.

There are two other major factors that led me to abandon the V and purchase the Lenovo X1 Tablet:

  • The V has a 3% device failure rate right now. I have no idea what industry threshold failure rates are, but 3 out of every 100 devices failing seems high to me. I intended for the V to replace my daily work machine, and as such, even if I could deal with a 6-month delivery time frame, I couldn’t deal with a defective device and then waiting however long it would take for the situation to be resolved.

  • In my estimation (and probably in everyone’s here), when the V’s design was finalized, the device was the best on the market. Thunderbolt 3 ports were hard to come by, it was cheaper than the Surface Pro (or any other competitor really) by a huge margin, and it had a bunch of other features that no other 2-in-1 detachable could boast. A lot of machines in this market sector had SOME of the features the V had, but none had all.

I no longer think that this is true, at least for my use case. The Lenovo X1 Tablet has two Thunderbolt 3 ports (albeit one is used for charging), it has the 8th gen Intel processors, the keyboard is incredible, the pen works well, shipping is fast, it comes with Lenovo’s first-rate customer service and ThinkPad’s reliability, etc. There are minor things it doesn’t have such as a bluetooth keyboard, but that was not a main selling point for me with the V. I purchased the i7, 16gb RAM, 512 SSD version during a 10% off sale for about $1800 base cost. That was only $200 more than the comparable V model, without all of the issues the V has had.

All this to say, I still want Eve and all its products to succeed. It was painful when I finally had to make the decision to not buy a V. I wanted so badly for it to be the device for me, but it just couldn’t be. Perhaps the next version of the V, but I doubt that will happen for a long time. It wouldn’t be fair to everyone who has already purchased a device for Eve to turn around and do a new version right away.