Tips to improve graphics performance?

Hi, Name is Rodrick, I just bought an EVE V i5 8gb 256gb recently, I’m pretty happy with it, but still have a question about it.

I know it’s not a device built for gaming, but I would like to play some games at the lowest resolution and lowest graphics settings while on the go, I guess HD 615 would handle it, but when I try to play Rise of the tomb raider at 800*600 resolution, it still lags so much, I have already set it to the lowest graphics as possible.

Any tips to improve graphics performance?

And I have heard some people say that there is a review on notebookcheck says that core M3 version even outperfoms than i5 version, is it true?

Thanks in advance

Install XTU, and set the TDP / Power Limit to 15W or higher instead of 7W (default)


This game is simply too demanding for a V. Patrick’s tip will help a little but I’m certain it’s not enough. Try older games

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The easiest solution would be to use an external graphics card. (Which alone is a very bland and probably not very helpful, I know)

The Tomb Raider series is indeed very demanding, haven’t tried it on the V yet. I would not expect to run such AAA flagship graphics titles on the V.
What I’ve tried so far are games like Civilization V (and even VI), Surviving Mars as well as lighter adventure and casual games.Those run pretty ok on medium settings and lowered resolution, mostly 1200x800 or 1620x1080 (no need to lower that for the casual stuff)

This is as always a game of luck (appropriately called silicon lottery) as processors of the same class vary slightly in their performance. The m3 and i5 aren’t that far off in their respective specs, on average the i5 should always be on top. So the device(s) notebookcheck got must have had a very strong m3, and maybe additionally a below average i5.