Tips? 60hz device tearing

When i play on fixed 144hz or 120hz everything looks good. As soon when i turn on VRR or FreeSync the picture looks choppy when below 100hz. Is there any fix for that? Since when i playing with FreeSync on PC every game that runs with like 60-80fps looks horrible.

and 60hz devices like PS4/Switch etc. are unplayable


Can you please elaborate more about what kind of setup do you have? What kind of cable, graphics card, and firmware version you are currently running?

I don’t think 60fps can go as far as “unplayable”. Definitely not as smooth, but not unplayable, which makes me think that there is another thing happening in your case.

Please check this topic out:

I would also recommend updating the firmware to the one below: It has been very stable so far for most users with very little drawbacks.

The full stable build, version 107 will soon follow. I haven’t received any update yet on the release date, but it will be built based on the firmware I attached, with very similar feature set.

This may be 4K monitors with low picture processing power struggling to scale.
I have an LG27UL650 and the ES07D03 and both are horrible with the PS4 yet my old cheap Samsung 1080 monitor is fine (which I wanted to bin)
Yet my PS3 and PS4 look fantastic on the OLED48CX6LB

PS. I have to turn the HDMI input to compatibility mode to get the PS4 to display on the ES07D03.

Hey there,

Running a PS5 directly with a HDMI 2.1 certified cable.
PS4/Switch or anything older non 4k systems.
Or my PC with 3080 in 4k with two Specturms connected. Also tried single monitor setup to see if FreeSync works.
Since yesterday im running the latest test Build (Test 5 PS5) on one of the specturms the other still has 1.06.

@Anubis same for me on my TV everything looks good and smooth.