Time to get the industrial design going!

As mentioned in the previous update, we are working on the industrial design for Spectrum. We are looking forward to sharing some of the early design concepts with you, but before that we need you to share some more thoughts!

Crazy gaming design or something more sleek?

Here’s what we think:

When you want to buy a ‘gaming’ monitor with specs such as fast response time and high refresh rate you oftentimes end up getting an over-sized, over-designed product full of weird angles, lights, and fake vent holes.

We know this kind of product has a reason to exist, there is demand for it after all. But we also feel that it not something Eve would like to make! Also, based on your feedback we feel that there is a lot of demand for a sleek looking, ergonomic monitor. With careful attention to details, without adding elements that don’t add real value.

This is where we envision the positioning of Project: Spectrum’s appearance:

I’ll keep my post brief and get straight to the point! Here are some of the questions that popped up while discussing Spectrum with our design partner Propeller :muscle:

Cable management

Q1: Are cable guides, cable clips and covers important for you?

Should we focus on this feature?

  • Yes, cable management is super important for me
  • It’s nice to have, but I don’t really care that much
  • I don’t need my monitor to manage cables for me
  • Other, I’ll leave a comment below

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Q2: :fire: Do you folks have any good examples of cable management solutions in monitors today?

Please comment below and let us know why these are good solutions for you, especially if you are currently using them!


Currently we have the following ports planned:

DisplayPort 1x
USB-C 1x w/ USB PowerDelivery up to 100 W
1x (*TBD)
USB-A 2x

Q3: How does this port selection look to you?

  • Perfect, as long as I get that second USB-C port
  • Perfect, I don’t need that second USB-C port
  • I need one or more additional ports, and I will comment below

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Q4: :fire: Where should the ports be placed?

Most monitors have their ports on the back. USB ports are sometimes on the sides. Please comment below and tell us where you think the ports should be!


Q5: :fireworks: What kind of physical buttons should Spectrum rock?

What are the must-have buttons on the monitor frame? What are some good examples of monitors that handled this feature right?

Additional features

Q6: Would you like Spectrum to have an integrated camera?

It is not very common in monitors, but it would be great to know your thoughts here!

  • Yes, but only if the cam supports Windows Hello
  • Yes, a built-in camera would be awesome
  • I don’t care about integrated cameras
  • No, I don’t want an integrated cam
  • Other, I’ll leave a comment below

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Q7: Should our monitor have an integrated microphone?

We have agreed in a previous topic that the monitor will not have integrated speakers. But what about a mic?

  • Yes, an integrated mic could be a useful feature
  • I don’t really care about microphones
  • No, I don’t want an integrated mic
  • Other, I’ll leave a comment below

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Q8: How does edge-to-edge glass sound to you?

Using glass cover on top of the display will increase the price, but it allows for a seamless bezel, is easier to keep clean, and looks great. Good examples are the Apple iMac and their new monitor, and Microsoft’s Surface Studio.

  • I am very interested in cover glass
  • I don’t really care about cover glass
  • I do not want cover glass
  • Other, I’ll leave a comment below

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Q7: An integrated mic is only useful for me when there is a Hello capable camera.

Q5: I really like the invisible touch buttons at my Fujitsu P27-8 TE Pro. But I do not know if that is the best way to go.

Q4: I do not really know what will be the user-friendliest way to place the USB-ports because I rarely use the ports of my monitor. I can say that I do not like the access from the side because the cables are getting too obvious at the sides. I rather think that they could look good when in the stand. And I can access them from the front.


Q4: USB port on the bottom front of the monitors


Q2: Some means of keeping cables tidy is certainly useful but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

Q4: Most ports on the back please but the second of each USB type on a side (but I suppose bottom wouldn’t be too bad).

Q5: On/off, menu/select, navigation (up/down)


Current i am using a dell u2415 Top Deals | Dell USA Labor Day Sale and i think it looks and moves amazing!

I have it on a dual monitor stand which has cable management integrated so i dont’ care about cables (i also have a monitor stand – standing around (badadum tsss) ).

All its usb ports are on the bottom, except for one which is straight on the back.
Its buttons are just touch, but i never had any problems with them, and i like that they are customizable (i have one for quick change hdmi-2 <-> display port, for quick change between external gpu (displayport) and integrated (intel nuc hdmi) )


Correct me if i am wrong, but wouldnt the edge to edge glass produce a lot of reflections, making it difficult to play dark games, while there already is a coating applied to the screen by lg? That way negating the benefits of the medium anti glare coating and getting the negatives of a glossy screen


Great question. We don’t know it yet actually :slight_smile: we are looking into it with the supplier as it could be both ways. One possibility is that it makes things worse another is that it would improve them :slight_smile:


A gaming-capable monitor without the gaming branded nonsense is definitely what I’m looking for in Spectrum, so I’m glad to see you guys going that direction. I figured you would, but it’s still nice to see.

I don’t have any input for Q2 and Q5 but as far as Q4 I would really like to see the video ports on the back and the USB ports on the right side. Certainly not a deal breaker though wherever they end up…


An option for edge to edge glass would be great - there are currently very few options for glossy finish monitors and it adds a lot of vibrancy to the colors in my opinion.

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Q3: I typically Plug my speakers into a 3.5 mm headphone jack into the back of my monitor because my PC is in the room next door with only a few wires going to my desk.

Q4: Having the USB ports on the sides can be unusable if you have multiple monitors right next to each other. Front facing ports would be ideal with downward facing being the next best idea.

Q5: I prefer the “joystick” control like my LG monitor just I wish it was located on the bottom center of the display as off to the side or on the back is not ideal.

Q6: Including an integrated camera would be cool, but including a privacy cover would be necessary to avoid putting tape over something otherwise having a clean aesthetic.


Q6/Q7 - If you have a camera you should probably have a microphone.

Q5 - The ONLY button I NEED is a “change input” button right on the front, top or bottom of the casing. The ability to switch between machines with different inputs would be amazing.


Q4: USB ports on the side, all other I/O on the back
Q5: A joystick like ‘button’ to navigate settings easier. Or a D-pad would work too!
Q8: Would be nice to see, but not a necessity if it will drive up the price a lot. If it is a small increase in price I wouldn’t mind.

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I think the ports should all be on the back of the monitor. Where will you sell your monitor?

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Q5. I prefer a joystick at the bottom centre like on LG displays. I find this easier to use than having multiple buttons.


For the love of god, please put USB ports on the side.

Have a couple on the bottom as well if you want, but side-mounted monitor USB ports are by far the most convenient for plugging in USB sticks and the like.

If it really is going to be “industrial” then it’s also “functional”. Please don’t be Apple and make stupid functional choices for the sake of minimalism.


I think having USB ports in the monitor stand would make them more accessible but this would cause problems with cable management. If not in the stand definitely on the side, having them in back means a monitor has to be moved every time a USB has to be plugged in and with plastic screen they are scratched easily.

Audio pass through is also really useful to aid in speaker placement or if you computer is not on the same side as the headphone cable.It aids in cable management of speaker wires too.

Glass with a mat finish would be ideal for resistance to scratches.

I also agree a camera is only useful if it has windows hello, but if it ups the cost, I would forgo it.

Another odd though, do you think it would be possible to provide the option to offer the monitor without the stand since more and more people are using vesa mount systems and don’t need the stand?

Also if is at all possible, I would forgo all buttons expect power and have everything done through software and the usb passthrough? This may cause significant work on the software side though.


I’m so into this monitor - if you will let me have the option to buy a stand for $999.

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Q1/2 a hole in the stand to gather cables is good enough.


Q2: The best cable management solutions are the ones that are incorporated on the stand and not on the monitor itself. But for users like me that are opting for a VESA arm mount it’s not really necessary since most arm mount already has cable management integrated in it.

Q4: The USB ports, at least the 2x USB A ones, should be at the side and easy to access for times like you have to plug in a Flash drive real quick but couldn’t really bother to reach for the front panel of your CPU, otherwise its useless.

Q5: A joystick and enter(or just make the joystick clickable), ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons is the only way to go, but I want it hidden at the back right-side of the monitor like the high-end ROG monitors do. I want the front as clean as possible. And PLEASE if you’re putting buttons don’t make it rice grain size that requires a bit of force to activate and has a horrible feel and sound, if you do end up putting buttons then make it bigger but still flat of course and doesn’t require much force to use but not too light either to have accidental clicks.

Q6 and Q7: Chances are that a normal user will already have a webcam with an integrated microphone, they’re really cheap and probably much better than any integrated solutions. And an integrated camera will probably just make the bezel a bit thicker.


I would prioritize having all full glossy or at the very least TV-like semi-gloss monitors above all else (Do not put a glass screen over a matte finish like some companies have done), this would make your company stand out as you’d be the only ones making modern glossy monitors with high refresh rates. Also the ports are fine for 1440p, but if you ever make 1080p or 4K monitors it would be nice to have at least 2x HDMI ports for consoles (1440p is only used by PC and the scaling isn’t great for consoles which can only do 1080p or 4K, so no real point in having multiple HDMI ports since consoles don’t handle 1440p well anyways). I would also say it would be a waste to have an integrated webcam and microphone.