Time is going very slowly here in South Australia

As a photographer I’ve been looking for some time to have a tablet style device. I’ve looked at the Surface but I’m sure the Australian dollar would crash even further if I bought one as they are so expensive down here.
I need a portable but capable Windows device when out on shoots and travelling.
I have participated in an Indiegogo campaign before when I came across the EVE V. Now I’m looking forward to having the V in my hands asap.
Oh the time goes so slowly when waiting …just like little child does when waiting for Christmas :slight_smile:


Better waiting in warm Down Under than in frozen Alberta, Canada …

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#Eve = company
#V = tablet
Can you have the company in your hands?

Anyway, welcome to the community :smile:

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Almost exactly across the globe, and I can tell you time is plodding along languidly over here on this side as well. Why can’t time just get its ass in gear so we can get our Vs faster?

I think the team deserves a hug for all their hard work :wink:


@ngarkat, I’m in Perth, and I’m so damned fed up with this recession. Super excited to get my V though, it’s been quite the wait!

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Agreed for sure. It’s around 30C here all week. Sensational weather. Was over 42 the other day so it gets bit warm here at times though. I really feel for you guys who have to put up with such cold weather. The Eve V is going to have to tolerate some temperature extremes :slight_smile:

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Yesterday I was in field for training young personnel doing some soil sampling (new methodology in Alberta), soil logging and monitoring well installation. I was -20 celsius and heavy wind with blowing snow - with wind chill - about -38 celsius (about 50 km NE of Wainwright, AB) … My iPad Pro screen froze - now is working again. So I’m not concerned about EVE V overheating during fieldwork. I’m getting old for weather like that.