Tiles - how to get rid of them

I’m not a ‘‘power’’ user… so bare with me, thanks!

Just want to get rid of these annoying tiles in front of my eve logo… been looking for hours! I don’t use this stuff.

PS I thought this thing V was delivered without bloatware - why is my machine full of games, etc?? :slight_smile
PPS I’m very happy with my little M3

The V is delivered without any additional bloatware, Windows has plenty built in.

What tiles are you talking about exactly, the ones in the start menu? You should be able to Right-click > Unpin or Uninstall.


Games are part of MS Windows 10 installation (BTW they are not installed - they will be installed after you start them for the first time). Here you should complain at Microsoft.

Which tiles? In Start menu? Or where?

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I do understand that this is probably very basic! yes, in the start window

OK, @Jamil_Stafford, I should have a look around before complaining… I’m just used to Apple… I’m just very wary of getting rid of stuff! I emptied my last windows machine of everything I thought was useless, and it didn’t work very well afterwards…

@Lukas_Fikr, thanks for the reply, see my reply above

I only use a browser, iTunes (which I haven’t installed yet - got a recommandation?) and libre office on my machine

Recommendation - iTunes downloaded from Apple.

Thanks! and thanks to @Jamil_Stafford I’ve got rid of the tiles!..

I recommend Google docs over Libre Office, mainly because it’s more widely used, better supported, and requires no extra installed software. You can install the chrome extensions for offline mode too.

As far as a music player, if you’ve been using iTunes, it’s probably best to stick with that.

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“no, it comes with a bunch of crap, we just didn’t you more crap” lol.


I respect this point of view, however I would recommend the opposite to most users who requires an office suite :slight_smile:
Libre Office is a far more complete/powerful office suite compared to Google docs, works offline out of the box (how comes that Chrome does not count as an extra installed software to work offline? :wink: ) and is probably one of the largest currently supported open source projects! As for diffusion, I don’t have specific numbers, however I think it’s strongly related to region/country and field of deployment.


If you’re using iTunes because you’re invested in the Apple Ecosystem and have a lot of purchases through their to manage then the easiest thing to do will probably be to stick with it, especially if you’re just coming over to Windows for the first time and want to minimize the learning curve.

On the other hand, I hate iTunes. I think it’s big, clunky and slow and ugly, and if you are just using it as a music player there are lots of better options. I recently discovered Dopamine and would highly recommend it, but there are other good options as well.


Thanks for the heads up @Skimaster - will look into it this weekend. I used to be a big advocate of Apple in the 90’s, not so much now!..

I just installed Dopamine and fiddled around a bit. Fast search and just enough features, but not too much for me. Looks great so far, so thanks for the suggestion!