Thunderbolt Software

The installed Version of the Thunderbolt software on the V is 16. The version listed on the Intel site is V17.2. Should we update? How?

Don’t need to, and even if we wanted to, can’t. The version on Intel’s website is only for their NUCs.

Not really a problem though. My Asus T3P is like on V13 or something.


Eve V didn’t find all drivers for my Lenovo’s Thinkpad BT3 dock. There was one device “Base System Device” with a yellow exclamation mark at device manager. Installing the NUC version of the TB3 drivers fixed that one.

I had also “application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware” error message come for Firefox soon after tooking the dock in use. Haven’t seen that issue after installing the NUC’s driver.

Not sure though if it is good idea to install that driver if you don’t have any TB3 releated problems. Since, after all, it is meant for NUCs, not for V.

Hmm? I thought when I tried it the installer said wrong hardware or something.

I vaguely recall there being one specific updater for the dock that I could install, did you mean that one instead?

at least we have jhakonen’s example when we need it, for now I haven’t have any TB3 problems since I haven’t connect TB3 devices yet

It was this one that I installed:

I haven’t found any updater for the dock itself.

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