Thoughts on Refurbished Tech

So unfortunately I don’t think I can wait for the V anymore as it is likely the community will lean towards the new sharp panel being discussed, and I would need it for early September. So I’ve been looking at some other devices (somewhat close to the speculated price range of the i5 V). One device that caught my eye was the amazing price being offered for an i5 8GB ram dGPU version of the surface book. As you probably guessed it is a “Certified refurbished” device, hence the topic’s title.
For anyone that has experience with microsoft’s refurbished devices or refurbished tech in general - how do these devices perform? Are they reliable? Is there any guarantee microsoft has on these devices?

Edit: +256GB SSD

In general, yes, the new products arent perfect either. I have heard people returning their brand new Surface devices many times due to QC or reliability issues. But in either case, your product is covered by warranty, so if something goes wrong, you can always get it replaced. Check if you get the manufacturer warranty, or distributor warranty. In general, Microsoft is great when it comes to warranty services, theyre willing to replace the device no problem. With distributors, well, it depends on each distributor.

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I wish… Usually you just get a “nice” note saying it’s your fault and we’re not fixing it, or we haven’t detected any problems with it (even if the device doesn’t turn on, they somehow manage to “see no problem” with it). Or my favorite one - “we fixed it”, and when you turn it on you see that nothing changed at all, they haven’t even touched it.

@Conor_Forsythe it all depends on the warranty you get, and warranty is totally different in each country. So it would be best if you asked someone who have bought refurbished products in Canada specifically (unless you moved, I took that from your previous post).

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@Conor_Forsythe if you buy from msft direct (at the mall or online), usually they stand by their stuff with warranty. The reason they are refurbished really varies - it could have been someone just didn’t like it, or it had a fault - the faults are typically addresses, the device wiped, and often, housing is replaced, or some parts are replaced. I have a refurbished iPhone and it functioned exactly like a new one, even the battery was new and apparently the glass and housing was also.

Lol happened twice with Acer, but you can always insist and escalate the issue.

In one of my case, it was It was a common problem with the 3830TG where the Panasonic battery degrades by 20% just in the first month. They told me its been repaired, and much to my surprise, its still the exact same battery, with the exact same capacity loss, and even the exact same charge cycles. I insisted them that it was an obvious defect, and hasnt been fixed, and they later replaced the battery with the one from another vendor.

But thats usually not the case with Microsoft. Theyre rather easy to deal with, and will replace your device sometimes even with no question asked. When out of warranty, the price they charge is brutal, but thats not a problem if youre under warranty

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Yeah still in Canada :slight_smile:
@Patrick_Hermawan and @netkid23 any chance your experiences are from in Canada?
By the way thanks to all of you for your replies… I really love this community, hopefully I can participate in future projects

we have a small but nice following from Canada.
I have experience with a new SP4 from msft in the mall, after having a bad experience with the Asus T300Chi again, bought from the msft store. Msft had no issue taking the old one back,even after the refund period, and letting us upgrade for the cost difference.

For my apple device, it was a refurb, but to apple it didn’t matter. It was out of warranty and I paid 99 to have it replaced (with a 2nd refurb) cause the battery conked. I would suggest, if you can, give the Eve team a little more time to sort things out before committing to the Surface book?


Yeah I’m not going to immediately jump to the surface book, I’d still like to hear what the updated timelines are going to sound like. The absolute latest I could wait would be mid September (normally when I decide its time to catch up on my studies).
All in all everyone has been very helpful so once again thank you. My confidence in refurbs is much higher now if it comes down to the surface book.

Out of curiosity, are you a backer, or are you saying you can’t wait for the store?

I discovered the V very late in the game, so the web store - if I was a backer I think I’d be able to wait it out (especially because of the free upgrade to the sharp panel).

Ah, I see; well I would recommend poking around a little too, there are some who have expressed their intent to sell their V’s so you may find one from Canada that is interested! Especially if they go with the Sharp, some may feel that they cannot wait the extra time.

Maybe in your country, but not in Canada and USA. About month ago my MS Surface Book i7 (top original model) died after 1.5 year because of eary product battery problem (yellow lines on screen + bending tablet part). I took it to MS Store - they offered me exchange for brand new i7 with Performance base with only $100 additional pay (difference between old and new model) and they gave me for free 2 year extended warranty for free as apology (usual cost for this one is $250) + they let me to keep old charger and pen (another $150 value).

So not every country is same as yours.

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I have great experience from Canada (and USA) with refurbished Apple products.

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So, you’ve got 4 years warranty on your new Surface Book or did they give you two years additionally to your old one, meaning that you’ve got a new one with two years warranty? And isn’t the pen and charger for free with the Surface Book anyways? Just trying to understand you :slight_smile: and sorry for going off-topic :expressionless:

I did not buy originally that 2 years warranty from them. They gave me new with 2 years warranty (including accidental damage) starting with activation of new one. Yes pen and charger are free (part of the package). They let me keep those from old one too - I already sold old pen for $45 on kijiji (keeping spare charger).

For not uderstanding me - it is probably my fault - just got back from Stampede Parade, it’s too hot here (32 deg. centigrade) and I got couple beer … :beers:

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Eh, you still don’t get it?
Let me correct the above sentence:
"But that’s usually not the case with Microsoft where Patrick lives. That would be right. Now it’s wrong because as far as I remember you’re not from Canada and you have no idea how it goes in Canada.

That’s exactly what I was saying. Each country is different.

No need for correction, you can go to /r/Surface in Reddit, surfaceforums, or other communities, youll see that the experience with Microsoft, when it comes to Surface, is largely the same all over the world. But thanks anyway for your unsolicited correction.

Why are we writing in bold anyways?

Because Bold FTW


I don’t know why you are writing in bold. You should probably ask yourself. I use bold because it highlights corrections. Kinda obvious, most people understand it without further explanation.

Well then go there, find and provide actual proof for the country in question. Until then, my correction stands.