Thoughts 21.11.2017

Hey! I’m HEB. Like you, I’m worried about what happens to the team yesterday and today. However, there is a logical explanation. The team promised that the next update will be entitled: “packages were shipped”. I think we can all guess that something has happened, something has delayed shipping again. What should they write us about this? Anything that they would write would collide with a wave of hate. I think the team is doing what they can to solve this problem as quickly as possible and they dream of writing anything else except: ready! I know that it is hard for all of us, but let’s try to be more understanding for a moment. Seriously. As soon as they finish they will surely let us know.


From what I read, this is 100% based on your speculation. How is this post “official” in any way?


But imho it’s not too much to ask wether it is caused by sudden problems found just now in manufacturing and they are recalling every device delaying HEBs and all others for two months or a stolen truck delaying “just” HEB delivery. I have the feeling LEBs won’t see devices until 2018…

yes, this is my speculation. But I think (also speculation) that this is 100% true but not everyone think about this.

“Wave of hate”

Most of the anxious complaining/angry demanding that you’re seeing right now is a direct consequence of Eve’s “no news is bad news” policy, in which the team communicates frequently, open and freely as long as things are going well, but then completely clam up when they encounter a problem. Problems are not divulged until after a resolution is in sight. This seems to be Eve’s strategy with communication. And the anxiety you see when Eve fail to post updates is the natural end-result.

I’ve complained about this policy a few times before. If we, the backers, hadn’t put in four figures a year ago, maybe it would be justifiable, but I bristle at the suggestion that we’re not entitled to transparency at this point. In future, Eve should avoid crowdfunding to avoid this level entitlement from the customer base, imo.
But beyond being unfair to us, imo, the policy creates a hostile environment for the team as any missed update causes a wave of panic and frustration in the community.

You suggest that there is some kind of issue. Here’s an alternative theory: The team have routinely said that communication to and from China has been difficult. And that was when half the team were over there. On Saturday, they left China. It could be that they don’t KNOW the delivery status yet. But of course, if that was the case, you’d hope they’d just be out with it.


I wonder at times if some community members expect the Eve team to spend all their time in the community without doing anything else like running the company? OR ensuring the Vs are high quality rather than built with substandard screens etc.

And let’s also think about how it comes across to the team when rightfully keen investors try to micromanage things.


isn’t the company run from the community :wink:

Atleast it seems that this is the place where all the company decisions are made and that EVE should follow and comment on everything 24/7

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Oooops - forgot that :pensive:

another speculation from me: there is someone from the team here :wink: he/she has changed category of my topic.

I sometimes wonder if questions like these, inevitably posed after posts like mine, are specifically designed to vex.

It doesn’t take a long time to post an update. It’s not an either/or proposition. I don’t see how anyone could genuinely believe it was. The simple fact of the matter is that when problems occur, part of the solution is WAITING, IE, waiting for a part, waiting to hear back from a supplier, waiting to hear back from your delivery partners, etc. If you think the entire team at Eve are working hard labour 24/7 and don’t have time to update us on what’s going on, you’re, frankly, delusional. I remind you that when manufacturing started, Eve were posting lengthy, multi-paragraph updates and youtube videos and the like… Until they ran into the a problem. Am I to assume that no work was actually occurring while those updates were being posted? Ridiculous.

Any company should have people who are responsible for outside communication. I think part of the problem we’re having here is that Konsta is posting a lot himself which, yes, is good to see, but he’s not trained in communication and his comments can frequently be misconstrued, or he says things that, really, a trained PR person wouldn’t say.

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Well not really, the catogeries can be changed by senior creators and above.

IGG campaigns only require about 1 update per month to be in line with their rules.

Just something to consider.

I know we haven’t gotten an ‘update’ yet. But I genuinely assume all is fine.

The PURPOSE of this thread was to try to create empathy with Eve as a company. Not continue to undermine and degrade them as many have been doing of late.


Niloc, you are right!


But I’ve explained why the community by and large assumes the opposite. They are right to do it. When I said, “no news is bad news vibe”, that was specifically me using a phrase that was used by @Helios to describe the very problem I’m talking about. That’s how Eve has chosen to handle communications throughout this campaign.
Mistakes have been made and acknowledged by Eve themselves.
Caping for Eve is pointless. That is not how companies improve.

your needed update is out now.

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Yes, I saw, and as I predicted in my post above, there actually wasn’t a problem.

Lets be clear here.
I’m explaining WHY the community is the way it is, WHY people react to no news the way that they do. They have been conditioned to do it. I’m saying this is bad. I’m offering suggestions as to how Eve can improve its communications to prevent this.

Personally, I think that is much more helpful than just being, like, “Cut them some slack they don’t owe you anything”. That’s not helpful to anybody, least of all, Eve.


I’m glad this could be put to rest! I know you werent trying to sound inflammatory with this post, and I get that the lack of certain communication can be perceived as bad news, and certainly in the past that has been true, but for now, I think we can all hope that no news is just no news.

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Thanks @catonkatonk for this observation. We’re aware that communications should be improved!

It seems likely though now that since the HEBs are in shipping, things would calm down! :slight_smile:


Yes, Mike you are correct!

We EB’s are far less volatile and inflammatory than the HEB’s. :wink:
As can easily be seen by our logical, calm and rational comments. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We fully understand that no news means no news, and we try not to assume the worst case scenario. :joy:



well at least you think so :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: