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My Toshiba Portege need two to three seconds to turn on as well. Seems like standard behavior nowadays.

I have a Dell 11inch tablet that behaves that way. Need to really commit to pressing the power button to turn it on (from cold), holding it for several seconds. If it’s on already either sleeping or screen time-out, a quick tap will wake it.

Personally I don’t mind this behavior because the only place for a power button is on the edge of the device, meaning it could easily be turned on when in a bag or even just transporting it in hand. Having that 2-3 second press really keeps the unintentional power-on to a minimum.


I have a Toshiba and it takes a long press to turn it on.

This is the actual design of the on/off switch.

2-3 seconds to turn on… from what state?
Sleep? Hibernation? Power Off?
It’s unreasonable to expect 2-3 seconds from Hibernation or Power Off, even phones can’t do that
And, holding down the power button to turn on is by design, else you will get turned on every time the button is clicked on… now wouldn’t that be easy? :smirk:

The laptops, tablets and phones I own don’t have this behavior, however, it is my first 2-in-1. If this is standard behavior for 2-in-1s I’m fine with it (however I find it awkward).

But I have a different point: Problem is, that when V is hibernated and you just press one single time, V is not getting started but the keyboard is lit up. That feels so strange because I always think it is starting…

Current Behavior: You never know if you need to press 3 secs (because there is no standby light or whatsoever).

  • Sleep: Only a single press is necessary
  • Hibernation (don’t ask me when, but e.g. after the night): Long press is required (but keyboard lights up on every press)
  • Shutdown: Long press is required, keyboard is not lit on single press

Edit: I just tried again and needed 3 times to power on my V after shutdown (even now I know about the long press). For me it just feels weird. Pressing so long on a laptop power button means “shut down instantly you stupid device” or “reset to device default” and not normal start. Additionally, there is no signal that something is starting - like a vibration or flashing up the keyboard once I can stop holding the button.

There also is a blank screen (with a blueish background) on start up / wake up from sleep which usually is shown shortly (0.5sec) before showing the login screen. Sometimes however, this blank screen is shown about 4-5 seconds before the login screen is shown :frowning:

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Now I get it! Yes I know what you mean. Basically the issue is that when device is on or in modern standby mode (screen off but not hibernating) all it takes is one quick press of a button and screen lights up instantly.

But when V is in hibernation or off then you need to hold power button for 2-3 seconds.

This is a user experience thing we couldn’t work around with windows. Essentially what happens is that when you press the power button to turn device on from hibernation or off state it does take screen some time to light up (3 sec). During that time you are not getting any feedback from the device (phone vibrates immediately before lighting up the screen) laptops have a LED indicatior in the power button or next to it that immediately lights up telling you that device is on. In V it’s differnt as it doesn’t vibrate nor lights up in any way before the screen is on. So that’s why it takes some time to get used to it.

As for hibernation V comes with 2 sleep modes:

  1. S0
  2. S3

You can select the one you like more in bios easily. (We made that setting available)

By default V ships with S0 mode enabled meaning that it will come back to life instantly any time you press a power button. This mode does increase power consumption so we set V to hibernate 2 hours after it’s hasn’t been woken up.

If you want you can disable hibernation in battery settings in Windows you will see that it’s set to 2 hours now. This way V will use more battery but will not go to hybernate unless you want it to.

The other mode is S3 sleep mode and it’s the AMD as laptops use. It’s the best mode for battery life. The only trade off is that every time you click a power button it takes V around 4 seconds to wake up from sleep.

Let me know if you’d like to have instructions on how to switch those modes :slight_smile:


This should go to the usage informations for your me V thread (forgot the real title, sorry) @Helios


Thanks Konsta for clearing that up!

What about the keyboard lightening up “issue”? When the V is on hibernation, the keyboards lights up even if I just do a single press (which does nothing). This is a bug IMO. The keyboard should not give the user any feedback if nothing is happening.

And what about lightening up the keyboard lights when it is starting (like the feedback of the power lights)? Would this be possible? So if waken up from hibernation/fresh start, lighten up the keyboard once the button was pressed for 3 seconds, in order to give the user feedback that V is starting (even nothing is shown on the screen yet).

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The figure 8 cable is more typically on smaller electronics with low power draws. My Macbook Air Apple charger is on an 8 pin socket.

The ‘duckhead’-style adapter plug for Apple’s MagSafe chargers isn’t grounded, though the adapter itself does support grounding. The extension cord that came with the device does have a grounded cable and cord. That said, the newer MacBooks that come with a USB-C charger only come with the ‘duckhead’-style adapter plug, so no grounding there.

I have noticed that running your fingertips along the aluminium on either side of a MacBook’s trackpad will give off a sensation that some might describe as ‘tingling’. I’ve experienced this on all aluminium unibody models all the way up to the 2017 MacBook Pros with TouchBar.

I think you meany this topic by @reappear

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Has anyone notice aberrant touch screen performance when the charger is plugged in? On my android with aluminum back, swipes jump around when it’s charging. This behavior disappears if I hold the phone in my hand. My estimate is that due to the charger being not grounded, a faint electric field forms on the surface when charging which interferes with the capacitive touch screen, and when I hold it in my hand I’m basically grounding it to me so the screen works properly.


Yep, that’s the one. Konstas post should go there.

nope haven’t noticed anything like that with many aluminium based phones, like OnePLus 5, 5T etc etc

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My surface 3 does something similar, confuses the hell out of me! Hopefully V boot up is quicker though, so slightly less annoying


Just updated the first post with some benchmarks and gaming experience with eGPU.