Thospa's First Impressions

I finally got my V (i7-7y75) on Wednesday and here are my first impressions (hopefully not too many spoilers in here):

  • Packaging: I also had the problem of a non-inflated bubble wrap, a box which was not used, a plastic wrap around all the components which seemed to have been spilled with red wine. Sad. Also, the V was just put into the box, without any protective layer. The display foil which should be on the display was on the back – could be because of the calibration.

  • Case is very nice, keyboards fits superb, the edges feel nice with only some sharp edges on the USB ports. When the V is plugged in, you feel a prickle/tingle when you move your fingers around the back side. Had this with an HP Spectre x360 too, when using a non-grounded charger.

  • Power Button: Feels weird. I often need to press it two or more times to get the V on :frowning: But it might be just me.

  • Keyboard is pretty good however I don’t like the feeling when I press the keys. Sometimes, the Ctrl key hangs a little bit and then making strange sounds. The keys are in general quite loud. Without the tutorial in the community, you would never be able to set up your Bluetooth keyboard. But once it is set up, it is a real cool feature. Tip: Connect your Smartphone to it :wink: The height of the pogo pins feels a little bit off, I guess the pins are the first components to break. I am also not a fan of the “oops!” key.

  • Touchpad: Somehow it sometimes makes stuff I don’t want it to make… be it clicks or scrolls. Or not double clicking when I want it. It might help if touchpad would be ignored when you are touching the screen (with BT it is definitely not)

  • Sounds: Some :wink: It is my first passively-cooled laptop and I really love it! However, when it is plugged in for charging, the ports make a weird low noise.

  • Display: Perfect. I see only a little display bleed on the bottom corner when the screen is completely black and the display on 100% brightness. Well, 100% brightness is too bright for me in any case.

  • Color Calibration: Feels quite warm in my eyes – but I never had a color calibrated display before. It also is rated as “high boot impact” in the Task Manager (yes, there is a tiny program loading your calibration on every startup).

  • Speakers: As in other reviews already stated, not that good. Bass is missing and they sound quite flat.

  • Battery: Used it for more than 5 hours of installing Windows and benchmarking and 10% (1:05h with battery safer) are left. That’s really good in my eyes.

  • Performance: Feels good. No problems so far, but I will try to reach its limits. The default setup seems to be a good mix between Thermal Limit, Power Limit and Current Limit.

  • Benchmarks (average): Cinebench about 31fps OpenGL, 230 MultiCPU, 125 SingleCPU. Around 2900 in PCMark10. Intel XTU around 510. Averages stay the same when running with or without battery. Note: The max performance boot menu configuration actually decreased my scores.

  • Pen: Has quite some sharp edges, runs out of the box and is really responsive.

Edit 14.12.17: Gaming & Benchmarks
So I’ve had the chance to have a little bit more time testing the V for gaming (by itself and an eGPU HP Omen Accelerator which I was able to lend from a friend). Unfortunately, my Sapphire Radeon R9 390X is not supported by the box, as it only 1x 6pin and 1x 8pin power connector inside (maximum of 300W) - the 390X takes a max of 375W and is barely fitting inside the cage. However, I found an older Radeon 5700 series which is not nearly as good, but gets the game running with the eGPU.
I tried the games with a secondary screen (1440p, extended mode) and the V screen. You have to note, that only by running the games on the secondary screen they were able to use the eGPU.

PCMark 10:
eGPU: Around 2570 points
V: Around 2600points
(These results are quite a drop from my first V measurements (around 2950 points). I think it is the Windows Insider Slow ring which is affecting this)

eGPU: around 60fps
V: around 32fps
Multi CPU: around 225
Single CPU: around 125

eGPU: 1440p, med details, 10fps
eGPU: 1440p, low details, 20-25fps
eGPU: 1080p, med details, 15-20fps
eGPU: 1080p, low details, 25-30fps, playable
V: 1440p, lowest details, 5-10fps
V: 1080p, lowest details, 10-15fps

Fallout 4:
eGPU: 1080p, med details, 15-20fps
eGPU: 1080p, low details, 25-30fps, playable
V: 1080p, lowest details, 10-15fps

Civilization V:
eGPU: 1440p, max details, 30+ fps, playable
V: 1440p, max details, 10fps
V: 1080p, max details, 15fps
V: 1440p, med details, 15fps
V: 1080p, med details, 20-25fps, playable
V: 1440p, low details, 60fps (but looks ugly), playable
V: 1440p, low-med details, 45fps, playable
V: 1440p, med-high details, 30fps, playable (and looks decent

Even when the fps look good, you really feel the mobile CPU is at max, and thus it is sometimes lagging. The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility which I ran on the second screen are either showing a thermal or power limit reached quite soon after starting the games (and thus the CPU is clocking down).

eGPU HP Omen Accelerator Considerations
The Omen box comes with 1USB-C, 4 USB3 ports, ethernet and a 2,5" hdd/ssd slot. It is thus actually everything I need (a headphone output for speakers would be a plus).
However, it is huge - looks like a desktop case - and is really loud. The 30cm TB3 cable is a joke (especially as the TB3 slot is at the back of the box…). Once TB3 is connected, it is starting and everything runs out of the box (some driver installations, etc).
The performance improvements - even with an old desktop GPU - are quite impressive, however I would never buy one. The box is too huge and too loud and thinking of the costs of all the components, I could easily buy a decent desktop PC which is smaller, more performant and without noise.

Benchmark Comparison to HP Spectre x360 i5-5200 2,2GHz 8GB Ram, SSD
PCMark10: 2400points
Cinebench: 22fps, MultiCPU 225, SingleCPU 70

I kind of like this, as the Spectre was the device which I wanted to get rid off - the V’s i7-7Y75 is a little better than i5-5200 which is around 3 years old. However, completely fanless :slight_smile:



The non grounded charger is not good…

nearly every laptop has non-grounded charger, if they have a figure-8 cable like this

Then it is surely non-grounded.

You can also see if its missing the third plug in US/UK style, or if its slim (not fully round) in EU style.


I’ve actually never had a laptop with that type of cable

Some use that, but most I think are hardwired. That said, many if not most chargers are ungrounded. My Macbook is. (please don’t judge me for having a macbook! It was given to me for free! lol)


Nothing wrong with having a Mac! But do you use MacOS? Or anything else?

macOS and I HATE IT! :slight_smile:
it’s an old one that it just holding me over until my V arrives. Hopefully only one more day with only 4GB ram and the world’s slowest HDD.


If you’ve got a TV with HDMI, get a small SSD (even 32GB will do, and those are cheap), and install Android on it.

Keep it attached to the TV and you can have yourself a very smart TV! Prime TV, Netflix, Youtube, and so much else. Basically an open source, over powered Android TV/fire TV/roku/whatever else.

Well, you don’t have to, but it’s better than throwing the computer away (or using that OS).


i deal with China before. If you dont keep an eye on them, they will try to swindle you or do a half hearted job. For example, you order 1000 units of items, they dont come as 1000 units, it might arrive as 986+ units and rarely 1000 units. Think about it, WHO would actually take the time to count the shipment quantity and make sure they check out. I am not trying to be racist here. I am Chinese btw! You NEED to keep an eye on them @Team


Hey @Thospa,

I just received my V this morning (China). The power button feels a bit strange to me as well. I haven’t gotten my V to turn on yet (still charging).

Is your power button kind of flush against the case? Like, doesn’t stick out nearly as much as the volume buttons? Mine doesn’t have much, if any, up/down motion when pressing the power button.

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you need to post this as a separate thread or write directly to the team I guess… not sure they read your comment here…

I read. I & Michelle are right here :factory:, keeping our eye on them :sunglasses:


Eve to 4PX:


Yep, I guess that is the design. A tap should use the fingerprint sensor to log you in, a press should start the V. Try to push the power button a bit harder/longer - the first time took me some tries, too :wink:

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Thanks for the review @Thospa! Can’t wait to hear (and see :slight_smile: ) more!

Just to address few of your questions:

  • You are right power/fingerprint button is placed deeper in the housing than volume buttons. It’s because power button has fingerprint reader in it and is mechanically different. In early prototype stage we have tested it to be same height as volume buttons but it was impossible to get it properly aligned and the click felt very different so we pushed it in deeper by design for more stability and longevity.

  • As for the prickle/tingle it is common for devices with all metal housings when they are charged. First time I discovered it during prototype stage I freaked out first time I noticed such behavior. Emdoor told us it’s normal but I didnt really believe that so we checked with Microsoft and Intel and they showed us devices like Surface, Razer Blade and other metal housing laptops having same behavior. There are no risks associated with this. It will take me time to give engineering explanation but V has passed all of the safety regulation tests for all of the big markets like US, Japan, EU so you shouldn’t be worried about it.

I have to say guys. To me your reviews are much more insightful than any of the reviews! Keep it up!


Keep presing the power buton until logo apears.

One more thing. I felt that USB C ports are to deep in the body and when plug a cable in them connection is not secure. I had a few interuptions of the signal to my monitor if I touch the cable or muve the devise. I thing it will be OK if we use a cables with longer plug

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This REALLY concerns me, as I’ve owned devices that do this, and the behaviour drives me up the wall.


It is not about the feeling of the button, somehow the press isn’t really recognized. When the V is shut down for example, I can press how often I like, it doesn’t start. You need to press it at least three seconds or so that it will start… Why? I do not know any device which starts just after pressing the button 3 seconds long… And this sometimes happens if the V is in sleep only (or maybe hibernation - as when I press the button when it is running, sleep and wakeup is just fine).

Yes I’ve experienced it before. Would it have been possible to ground the charger to circumvent that? But if you could get more info about this behavior, I really like to hear the cause of it (and how many volts I feel :smile: )

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My mi5 needs at least 3 seconds button press to switch on