Thinkpad addict

Hi, I’m a long time Linux wrangler, for fun and career. I am a definite Thinkpad fanboi, but have occasionally strayed from the pasture (Asus Zenbook) and that experience was enough to send me back to purchase a X1 Carbon. I have used tablets in the early days (X60), but am interested in the V as it’s trying a different method of engaging with the end customers to get a machine that people need and want rather than the traditional model of manufacture and see.

Pressure point deal breakers for me are: keyboard, screen reflectiveness and Linux support.

So you should be good on 2 out of 3 for now.
The claim is to have a great keyboard, one better than the Surface Pro 4. Reflectiveness should be better than most (all?) other tablets on the market as the V will receive a matte coating.

Linux support will not be guaranteed by Eve, not without reason the V is sold as Windows tablet.
But there are plenty of smart people in this community (also amongst the prototype testers), so there should be Linux news soon… unofficial news at least. There’s a separate thread for Linux around…


You can bet the screen is good :slight_smile: However, I can almost guarantee that the keyboard doesn’t even come close to Thinkpads… At least the T series. They have the best keyboard I’ve seen on a laptop, and ours is merely a SP4 competitor. I’ll probably buy a separate keyboard with better key travel and layout :wink:
But speaking of Linux, there are so many people in this community who are willing to test it and make it work that I have no doubt they’ll succeed. The only problem is that the tablet UX is much worse than on Windows, but you already know that if you’ve used it on X1 :slight_smile:

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I should’ve read the thread title I guess. It’s a 2-in-1, and based on the comparison to Thinkpad I have to revert my earlier statement. The keyboard will not be as good as you ask for it to be if you expect a Thinkpad-like keyboard.

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[quote=“Hypze_Headz, post:1, topic:5627”]

As I’m typing this on my mechanical board right now I think keyboard is always up to expectations & how much money/thickness you are willing yo use. Do I expect the V keyboard to feel as awesome as a fully mechanical board? No. Will it overthrow a Thinkpad keyboard that still has quite a bit more vertical space? Likely no.
Will it hold against other 2in1 keyboards and (at least based on the sample I tested) be better than them? I think yeah.

(Just my personal 2 cents)

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I have yet to study the keyboard layout in detail. It’s the slimming down of the enter key and arrow keys that always drives me mad (for example if using a colleagues mac).

I use a mechanical keyboard away from my X1, but the chiclet keyboard when using it, just about manages it due to no compromises on sizing.

The keyboard is the primary interface for most workers and also being a touch typist who uses Vim all day it where I spend most of my working life, so I guess I’m just the far end of fussy here!

It’s not so much the travel of the keys that bothers me it’s more the space saving layout that shrinks keys such as ESC, enter, arrow keys, tab. Arrow up is V important in bash history etc, suppose you could key remap if you really loved the machine…

Yes, same here… but as I said, I chose a keyboard that has both better travel and a better layout without reduced keys :slight_smile:

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Which keyboard they have now chosen?

Who they? Eve? You can see some photos in the latest update thread, pretty much the same as earlier renders.

No, not Eve, You @pauliunas.

Ah, here you go:
This seems to be an outdated model, so I couldn’t find it anywhere else… But I accidentally found it when browsing this shop’s catalog and it looks nice :slight_smile:
Edit: oops, sold out… Well, I hope I can find something similar, the catalog is really huge.
Edit 2: here we go, the same layout:,_/31300725100/CatalogStoreDetail.aspx?CatID=PL_401&ID=650499