Thinking Aloud: Creeping Doubts

When I plunked down my hundred clams sight unseen several months ago I was really excited at the prospect of the Spectrum. It seemed like a great offer, and in some ways still does.

As I gaze at yon horizon, however, I wonder whether or not the deal will seem as sweet in 7 months’ time when my 144hz panel finally ships.

For one thing—and I don’t know how this escaped me earlier—shipping fees and import duties (to Canada) will probably add something like CAD$100-$115 (20-30%) to the base price.

And, of course, the rest of the industry isn’t just sitting around doing nothing. I can only imagine that by the time the 144Hz Spectrum ships, the established, globally-distributed players will have comparable products on offer, available for local purchase and with local support.

What happens if my panel has an issue and needs to be returned or serviced? More shipping fees?

Also, I need a monitor yesterday.

I wish I was liquid enough to leave my $100 in the pool while I bought myself another monitor but that’s simply not the case at this juncture.

I’m sorry to say that I think I’ve just talked myself into pulling out. :neutral_face:


If you need a monitor yesterday, Spectrum is probably not your best bet… Since well, it won’t be there yesterday. Granted non will, but some others would’ve had a higher chance :stuck_out_tongue:

Since we’re still sometime out of the finalization of Spectrum for shipping there are still something to pen out. And full disclosure, I don’t know the details of repair and shipping as I’m not part of the supply chain or service team. What I do know is that we have some promising deals ready (or they have already been made) that would improve our current repair system.

But again, if the timing is not for you. Get the refund. I hope you will stay and make Spectrum great! You might even gain some new insights with your other monitor. If nothing else the community is great at finding that little detail that makes a good product great.


I bit the bullet and bought another monitor (ASUS PA278QV) to tide myself over until the Spectrum arrives. As it turns out this monitor is really quite good so I’ll probably keep it even when I get the Spectrum.

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