There is little as beautiful

As laughing at the sheer joy
Of walking home in the pouring rain
Raindrops sprinkling across your calm face
Feeling your clothes and hair grow heavy and wet
The world around you draped in a curtain of falling water
Water flowing between your toes and around your sandaled feet
Drops splashing up as your feet wade through the puddles in the street

What could be more beautiful?
Perhaps only to have someone there, laughing by your side?

Before anyone asks or draws any premature conclusions, this has nothing to do with Eve or the V, as should be evident by it being in the off-topic category.

It is merely me being inspired by walking home in the pouring rain. I personally disagree with the notion that sunny weather is nice weather, while rain is bad weather. For me it’s the opposite.
And I wonder, what are everyone’s favourite experiences? It doesn’t have to be your favourite even. Just something, anything that fills you with joy and delight. I ask you all to share it here.


So you are from UK? XD


Nope. Norway.

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Ah, thx for the tip. Learned something new. I like heavy thunderstorms. Or wen you have a closed cloud curtain over you in the evening and the drowning sun shines under it.

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The roaring sounds of the thunder
The break aways of the lightning
The eluding presence of tremendous power
The mounting feeling of energy and suspense
Let it rain

@nawthor nice poem :slight_smile:


I like the sound of the rain when going to sleep…

…even if it’s virtual sound from a rain noise generator…

…amplified by an dedicated audio amp and given birth by beautiful quad speakers built into a beautiful aluminium unibody. :gift:


When i need some rain (love the waves and fire also):

@hellBENder what are you using?

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Finland temperature ? :scream:

Not a poem, but maybe a bit poetic visually…


I enjoy rains and storms. Just feels… Great.


Oh for sure. Running in the rain is great, too

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Well, I’m from Vancouver (or Raincouver as we sometimes call it) and we are in the Coastal Rainforest zone here. Let me tell you, 7 or more months of rain and darkness can wear a person down. Thank goodness we have such spectacular summers!. During the solstice it stays light until about 11 pm (and starts to get light before 4 am) and there is nothing better than sitting with friends around a fire at dusk in the warm summer air.

That said, a brief summer shower can be pretty beautiful.


Is this a new Religion ?

Repent yee with little faith, V cometh and saveth us from the lack of USB-C and infernal fan noise…


I’m a Canadian living in Alberta and I’m the same way. Summer is too always hot for me, and I can’t stand feeling sweaty for no reason other than the heat. Rain always makes things feel fresh, cools it all down, and spices things up by bringing a little action to your day! :slight_smile:


I read that out loud like a fire and brimstone preacher just for fun! :smile:

Living in Gabon (Africa), always hot, always sweaty, even rain does not cool you ( but soak you quite thoroughly).
Advantage of heavy rain: Energy savings: one does not have to run from your car to the door, you’ll get soaked anyway. :umbrella: