The WOW pc. What a deal

Just wanted to share the great deal that is the wow pc.

I mean a grand for a computer with 2gb of ram. What a deal.

Also when I tried to post a comment on the site it wouldn’t let me. The reviews are probably all false

I would think so. It looks so much like fake and garbage…

The tech is about 10 years old, complete garbage by today’s standards.

It’s unclear which operating system is used. Just a GUI on top of standard Linux? Or also not updated in the last 10b years… Could be a security nightmare.

Maybe worth 100 dollars plus touchscreen.

edit: just wanted to add how strongly I dislike people selling overpriced garbage to people who cannot judge this on their own because they don’t have the necessary insight as tech outsiders (and maybe don’t even have someone to ask).

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All computers can change size of print and zoom for seniors… Lol
Like hellbender said. Outdated not updated not worth anything
But it makes me think of a phone released in the states called the Gitterbug it had bigger buttuns and the had over size text etc. For old people lol

2.4GHz Quad Core Celeron?

The closest match I could find is the 2013 Bay Trail-D (i.e. Atom) Celeron J1900


Just makes me feel sad that there are rip off merchants like this out there :frowning:

Oh that’s horrible. 32gb emmc hard drive :frowning:… And my mum would nearly buy something like this and think she was doing well for herself.