The V, The Eve, The Eve V? The name, the brand and the long term

Not sure which category this would belong to, but figured that off-topic would be a better place.

I haven’t posted a thread in a long time, but now that I finally have my V by my side again after a lengthy, one-year long repair (long story) and I’m slowly getting back into the community again, I have noticed that people are often confused with the naming scheme of the brand.

Our computer is officially named the Eve V, colloquially known as the V. This led to a problem - some people recognised V as the Roman number 5, thus referring to the product as Eve. The company’s name became the product.

Now, I get it, people should get to call products what they want, and I respect that and while this may not be a problem for now, as the team expands their product lines to new markets such as headphones and monitors, the branding of our products should be consistent. Referring to the website, the V is currently listed as the Eve V. When new products, possibly “Eve E” and “Eve I” (E for ear and I for “eye”… okay I’ll show myself out now) are released, said community members will get more confused as they call Eve are not referred to as the same thing. In the long run this might cause some confusion (In my opinion anyways)

I am just curious as to what the team’s strategy in addressing how products will be named and branded from here on out (including the brand or not and other things) and interested in seeing whether other members have the same concerns as me.


The issue right now is that the branding of Eve is exactly the same as the branding of the V. This is because it’s the only product they are promoting.
Besides that, for non-customers saying a single letter is weird and out of context. They won’t know what a V is since it has way to many meanings.

I believe expanding the portfolio will mitigate the issue somewhat. Hopefully enough for people in the community to know what is what.
The issue won’t be that big since the amount of marketing isn’t that big. The amount of people who know about this thing isn’t that big either. So the issue (still) is quite small.

And to top it off, when you get out of the enthusiast market people don’t give a rats ass what it’s called. iPhone X or 10? Galaxy or Samsung? Android or Google?


I think that worse still, when I do a search for eve, I get all sorts of things coming back, eg some mmo game called eveonline!


Haha, this discussion seems to me as old as Adams Eve… We should call the monitor VE and the headphones EV :slight_smile:


I do not approve of the name “Spectrum” as this is a TV service in the USA… but nobody asked me :sweat_smile: and nobody should care for my opinion anyway… but I thought it is funny each time I see “Spectrum” here on the forum I go, “hm? Huh? Ah yeah this is a monitor…” :smile:
Never mind… that this is a thread about the Vee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Why not just the T.Vee, as in Eve T.Ve
ah just joking; it’ll be to clunky/confusing.

I’ll probably skip anything too similar to V, because it sounds too familiar. So no Eve E, Eve T.V.