The V blew me away but whats next?

This is all so exciting to see a product developed with direct contact with the community it was developed for. I caught your attention from the recent Linus Tech Tips video where the V was featured. I love it, every thing about it such close attention to detail such a amazing approach to using community input. the whole ordeal is just game changing. I just thought I might sign up and follow this Company and this product, I am certainly interested in buying one but I would rather wait to see if you develop a more conventional styled 14 inch laptop as that’s what I’m more interested in. I’ll be watching and if this company can grow and develop a 14 inch Laptop that can compete with modern Gaming PC’s (or heavy graphic design as I use them for) It would be nice for once to show up to a meeting where I have amazing heavy renderings to show investors with a laptop that appears as if it was not intended for a 17 year old gamer. Nothing wrong with being a 17 year old gamer but in a room with 50 year old men showing up with a glowing screaming republic of gamers machine makes them feel like you aren’t even old enough to be in the same room as them. I want a machine where I can have it all without looking like I’m on my way to a MLG event. That and kick stands are great in mobile unites until you try to use them in your “lap”.


Hi @Luthrus, welcome to and thank you for your interest in Eve and the V!

At the moment, no decision has yet been made on what Eve is going to develop after the V has launched. That doesn’t mean you can’t already share your thoughts on what you think is the best way to go! Below, I’ll post links to a few of the threads where people are discussing various laptop options. Current suggestions include convertable laptop-first 2-in-1 computers, gaming-capable workstation, and much more. Note how it doesn’t seem like anyone wants a flashy ‘gaming’ look :wink:

If you have an idea that is radically different from the things already being discussed, feel free to create a new thread to propose your envisioned device. If you do, make sure to give suggestions on what makes your idea special, and why you’ve chosen certain details. That way other people have a better idea of what you’ve got in mind and can give you better feedback. The best devices, after all, are built when we all put our heads together!