The V as a creative power tool

I’ve had my V since march this year, and I’m chuffed to bits - no problems to report so far, other than the quickly solved keyboard pairing issues. I’ve got an i7 with 16gb ram
I’ve since tried a couple of things, such pairing it with a razer core with an nvidea 1080, and guess what: thing becomes a monster capable of running high graphics programmes such as Revit, illustrator or even enscape rendering tools.
I’m chuffed to bits with this - I actually thought the razer core would only power a side screen, but it’s actually powering the V.
Best gamble ever!

Could I change something? Yes, the pen is just rubbish. I ended up buying this year’s surface pro pen, and they’re worlds apart. Still not apple pencil, but good enough to draw!


So the Surface Pen is working well for you? Could you go a little more in-depth on the whole pen topic. Don’t have my V yet, but it should hopefully arrive this month. So I’m wondering if I should just order a surface pen right now, so I have it around for my v.

hi M_K, the V pen seems to match the original surface pen in specs - however, it’s just unfit for purpose - i struggled to write and draw with it - apparently, it only works properly when standing near vertical.

however, with this years surface pro pen, which apparently comes with 4x the level of pressure points, allows for drawing/writing in a more natural tilted way, all of that is gone; the pen also seems to have a more grippy rubberised tip, which helps immensely in having a proper “feel” for the writing and drawing.

i’ve used adobe photoshop and Autodesk sketch - the latter seems to be properly designed for a pen - photoshop is still great though.

one thing i love about the newer pen is the “eraser” back tip, which i find myself using just as i would with a normal pencil.

that said - my pen came with my V as an offer - i’d wait for it and test it before buying a new one - who knows, they may have improved its design?


I don’t have the problem where the pen needs to be near vertical, but palm rejection is an issue and i’m definitely looking for a better pen experience.

I think several people like myself would be interested in an indepth comparison between the two as well as a detailed review of the surface pen (used with V).

So if you have the time, please try to post more about it!


hi Wickedly, good point on the palm rejection - i remember now i could barely touch the screen with anything other than the V pen - there is still some issues with the newer surface pro one, but i’ve only experienced them on Photoshop, and not on Autodesk sketch - this may be related to using the pen with software didicated to it, rather than a wholesale approach.

with the newer pen i can rest my knuckles and still draw/write, but with the palm it gets a bit sensitive.

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I find that if you bring the tip of the pen to the screen first then your palm, then the palm rejection works perfectly - however the lift-off distance is very small and any gesture other than continuous writing causes it to freak out.


Thanks a ton for your input, I will see how I get along with the V pen and whether or not I’ll get the surface pen. I will definitely share my opinions as well once I have everything here.