The state of our ongoing projects

We’ve been quite quiet last week so we wanted to let you know what was happening in the background.

Last week we have been working on a formal kick-off for projects Spectrum and Muse with PCH and manufacturers. We’ve also been searching for a suitable supplier for projects Donald Dock and Quantum. So here’s the short summary on each project:

Project: Spectrum, monitor for work and play

This project is currently progressing at great speed and we have finally found good clarity on the final specs. Now the key requirements are speed and finalization of the small details with community, followed by some proper testing! You can read more about specs so far here. Soon we will make a post summarizing the feedback we’ve received so far from the manufacturer. provide in-depth coverage of the production process, and start the industrial design design process!

Project: Muse, inspiring audio, no strings attached

Guess what is shown in the picture? :thinking:

As you probably know, the direction for Muse has been clear for a while now, and you can read more about it in our latest update. We have already started working on a prototype and will soon share many more details about the factory that will produce Muse and the whole development process. Our aim is to get samples to you for testing asap!

Project: Donald Dock & Project: Quantum

We’ve found that many manufacturers in the mini-PC space also make docks. That makes a lot of sense, since the two product types have a lot in common! At this time, we have not yet found a manufacturer that is both capable and willing to develop a mini-PC with us, but we will keep looking. Once we lock the manufacturer down, we will work on the dock with them at the same time!

At this time…

…most of our efforts will be focused towards Muse and Spectrum now, so that we can get them ready to launch. Meanwhile, DD and Quantum will move along in the background as we look for the right manufacturing partner. Once the first two products are live, we will proceed with the latter ones at full pace.


Waiting for more Muse updates. Hoping that design is an interesting one.


I have to know: Is the black V on the wall in the back of the office made out of Vs? ^^


I doubt, but looks like the LED strip is detached on the right side…

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Could be a mic boom on that side.
It is definitely an interesting color choice.

@Konstantinos are you going to answer for those questions or you answer only for those easy one from new projects? Support also is dead.

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I have answered here already really nothing extra to add. There will be updated communication this month on the matter to people affected.