The Pen - How to use it

I have the V I have the pen. But are there any instructions?
I want to use the tablet and pen in Photoshop but how do I select from moving screen around to actually drawing or doing anything?! How do I program the buttons? I really feel I have missed a couple of important meetings here . . . .


Currently programmed as bottom - nearest tip = eraser whilst top = right click.

The buttons can get in the way of writing I’ve found - may be because I’m also a novice with pens and touchpads

Left click is touching the screen, hold the top button and tap is right click.

You can try autohotkey, but I’m not sure how the pen registers.

just to confirm - are you talking about on the T1 or the V? I’m not a stickler for topics and threads, but this is in the T1 thread so many people won’t find it…


try to look at this video. she shows info on how to use the pen. try check out the comments too.


OK Thanks everyone, for your help here. Yes I am in the wrong place - I have a V. but I think the community has rescued me anyway. The video was a big help - especially for introducing me to Clip Studio - it looks a better idea than Photoshop Elements, which seems to have issues with touch screens. The ‘left click/right click’ debate I will have to work on - I am used to Macs!

have you tried ArtRage?

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