The new V - Is it worth waiting 555802 Minutes? My first impressions NO SPOILERS!

First of all: Even this impression is written by a Bavarian, whose mother tongue naturally isn’t English, don’t expect something like the biggest Volksfest and the best beer all over the world :wink:

(All marks are similar to the German school marks 1 = super to 6 = very bad)

Unpacking (no spoiler)
This is simply phenomenal. I like all the little details of the box and all the other stuff. But that isn’t what we are talking about. Nevertheless…
Great +1

The Design
Everybody seeing the V is fascinated by it’s marvellous design an it’s building quality, the materials used and all the little things in the background being thought. The same with me. The design is really nothing to complain with. On the one hand it’s nice and on the other hand it’s useful, too. Only one thing needs to be rethought. It’s only a little thing, is because of the edges the plug of the charger doesn’t fit optimal.
Great 1

Switching on the V
Some machines are simply switched on but the V is SWITCHED ON. Some of the community are complaining about the thing, that the switch is not easy to find. I personally prefer that kind of design. If you get used to it, you simply can FEEL it. That’s cool in my opinion. You need not to stare into a stupid lens, having the feeling of being watched (iris scanner) rather than (HEY KONSTA) stroke a cat, and you are in. The fingerprint sensor works out totally well. Even when discussing to introduce such a sensor I was against it, because of being „another toy“. But now I must say it works well without any failure. Just one simple touch on it and the windows door is open :wink:
No mark you simply have to have this feeling!!!

The Screen
That’s not a screen, it’s a picture. Like nearly everybody said, it D E F E N I T L Y was worth waiting for it. It’s crisp as f***. It’s sharp as f***. It’s bright as f***. You simply can’t say anything more than that!!! The touchscreen is sensitive like it should be.
Simply +1

The Keyboard/Touchpad
Let’s begin with the Touchpad. I sometimes tried out the Mac „Blackboards“. Even they were liked by the majority of the users, I don’t. While typing, I always touch the pad with my thumps lying at it. That in my case causes always weird actions of it. I am not the REAL Mac user so this is just my Opinion. I think the touchpad of the V is working well. Also the gestures one gets used to it while using Windows. Cool enough, big enough.
Well done! Touchpad 1-2

Now to the keyboard: For the first. I was one of the oops and V fanboys and I still like it!!! That just by the way. Now to the keyboard itself: I tried already the keyboard of the surface and I was exited of it. I have to say I’m a typer and I do have only very good keyboards at work and for my desktop computers and I may say, I’m very sensitive in this thing. I must state, that the keyboard feel is the only krux of the matter I found. It works out well, but not smooth. I can’t really describe the feeling I have with it. Maybe you best compare it with a 6 cylinder Diesel and Gasoline Car. They both work out really well but the gasoline car is much smoother and not as loud either, so you have it. It’s not that fluent like the surfaces type cover and also louder. It is not bad at all, but not as smooth as it should be.
The Bluetooth function is working superiors and in comparison to the protos it has been very well improved. It’s really stiff and not wobbly at all. The one in ulm was very bad in my opinion. This one isn’t. The keys itself are in a good order. The arrow keys are super and the keys nearby the umlauts are good either. The functional keys are very well thought, too. The illumination is also a highlight which is very appreciated by my girls. I am not really the bling bling one, although I really like the cyan one!!
The Keyboard is a 3 to 4

The battery life.
I really can’t tell, yet. I’ll deliver some states after having some experience. But at the moment it doesn’t look, that we’ll get out 12 Hours, at all.

The speakers
The speakers are of the same importance as the keyboard is. I am using an Toshiba P300 for a very long time. This one is heavy as a lorry but it really has SuperSuper (i borrowed that from Konsta) Speakers. Of course a little 2 in one could not do as that one does, but I really expected more. When we discussed the speakers, most of the peoples opinion was we should have loud ones. I always was on the side better having GOOD ones than LOUD ones. So I got lost in that point. The sound is very thin without ANY bass. Maybe one can fix it a bit by tuning the speakers. Like I said before: The sound of a small device like the V depends of a very very good interaction of the speakers themself and a well calculated sound box. The evidence, that it is possible, is the mac book, which is the reference standard in this class, in my opinion.
So the speakers are a 4 for me

The Pen
I’m not the right person to ask this. My daughter has a Vaio Flip with a pen, and a Huawei Tablet with one also. I tried that at one stage and felt no difference in all of that. I have to get used to it.
No mark in that field from me.

The fourth
I can’t tell much about it, two. As one easily can see, because I’m using the M3 I’m not a Power User.
I will want to compare encoding videos with my desktop machine and the V and will write the results in here. As you all know, all the buddies, having bought an I5 and I7 haven’t to howl, because my M3 will be much faster like the review of notebookscheck said. So I don’t want to do any test like that, because otherwise you will get very very sad, and I don’t like that :wink:

All in all I really can everybody advice to get them self a V. I do not regret buying the V even the long waiting we HEBs had. I just want EVE to advice to take any other shipment company than the one they had. And on the other hand I want to tell everybody who intend to buy a V don’t blame EVE for those incredible pillocks. That can’t be a reason not to buy such a superiors device!


What do your family members talk about it? I remember you post somewhere that they harassed or joked around because of long waiting?

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That’s right. I always tried to explain all the incidents and accidents EVE has to fight with. Some of my friends being not that interested in computer things really thought, I never ever get my V, because they of course heared about indigogo things which totaly f***ed up.
But finally especialy my daughter was really impressed by the design of the V and it’s screen. She already asked me, whether it’s possible to take it to university - For a test only of course ;-).
My wife playes along with my old toshiba tablet usualy. She can’t believe, that a screen can be that bright and that sharp.
My little daughter has also seen it but at the moment she is not interested in computers than in some boys… So I might have good chances that I not have to fight my V against her, at least.
In about half an year nobody will talk about the long time waiting. I myself have to look after my V, that it doesn’t disappear at the university, I think :wink:


My wife also thinks that I’ll never get my V. I keep telling her that people are getting theirs. But she won’t believe me :frowning:


May the fourth be with you.
You will get it for sure!!!.
If she wants I let write my daughter and my wife a two liner you a PM. So you got the evidence of at least one person getting his V :wink:


Appreciate it. Though I have shown her pictures and she still thinks it is a scam. She just says, “You can spend your money how you like.” and roll her eyes. :expressionless:


Well I am happy to tell you that she will soon find out that V is not a scam :smiley:


@my parents 20202020

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Sounds like a keeper. Support FTW.

@thedrawer, you know that “fourth” means “vierte”, right? I think you mean “force”, which means “Macht”. Am I wrong? This refers to your OG post, and the last one :wink:


I love this analogy because I have a 6 cylinder diesel truck and a gas car. I now know what to expect!


hey, thanks for the review, very informative and (partly) reassuring :wink:
about your impressions of the keyboard - could you maybe specify your user experience? while i like the diesel-gasoline analogy, i would like more details if you have the time and patience. I am also someone who needs a keyboard that just, simply, works, since i am a student that has to write a lot of papers. so there really is no way around it for me. a little louder wouldn’t be terrible for me, but what about the “fluent” remark? what do you mean exactly?

Yes, I’d also recommend the ‘Force’. I wouldn’t wish for him to wait until 4th of May… :wink:


At first @Rzabadabadoo and @BlackEagle of course I meant “force” sorry for that so may the schwartz be with you :wink: Or in german: Möge der Saft mit Dir sein :-)))

Main thing: PLEASE DON’T think, that the keyboard is bad at all. IT ISN’T!!! It is more like complaining on a comfort level!!

The keyboard: like I said, it’s very difficult to describe. Some of the keys are a bit notchy. In german we say hakelig.

According to the forum rules: Are we allowed to publish an onedrive link in here? If so, i will upload a video there and insert the link in here.

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Of course you are.
Can’t wait to see more of the V in action.



I’m really very happy to see that you find the screen so sexually stimulating!

I am very happy with the whole V! Do you still have Your’s? If so we need to have our Long-Distance-Beer :wink:


I am looking forward to getting mine soon, it is coming in the next LB shipment.

It will be here soon, then we can have a Christmas Drink!



My wife also thought it was a scam after the long delays. We had a small bet on whether I would get my Eve V before Christmas which I won!

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Here the link to my onedrive and the Video:!AocO0eCtIi50moUWagVIueQvbRzrEg


*clicks keys on current Lenovo keyboard
It’s almost here… It’s almost here…
I can almost feel those keys :heart_eyes: