The new laptop framework concept

have you seen the concept of the framework company?
I would have liked that eve do that for the V.

What do you think about this product?


I think this is probably a bit too much. I am 100% pro upgradeablility and repairability though.

The swapping of all the ports for instance would probably waste a lot of space. I think you can achieve a better product if you make it repairable/upgreadable from the inside. That you can still change ports and parts but from the inside. I think that would strike a better balance.


Yes quite the ports are a bit too much, but the idea of making the product scalable and serviceable by us is what I have been waiting for a long time. After eve made choices as on the memory by using the lpddr4x which exists only in soldered, but which consumes only 0.6v against 1.1v for the ddr4. It’s always complicated between energy gain and repairability .


The issue with a concept like the V is that the form factor is extremely constrained. Making things repairable and upgradable would make it much more chunky and heavy. I think a good alternative, which is the current state of things, is to have a wide range of configurations. Dell used to be great at these until they started bundling upgrades, like cpu+memory, gpu+screen. IMO they lost a lot of their value there.


I saw this and was quite excited by the concept, but after seeing the details I am not so interested.
The ports are ridiculous - “No need for a Dongle! (just have half a dozen removable single port modules).”.

I also wonder how many people would really need to upgrade every part of a laptop. IMO TB3 ports are a far better option, you can buy any dock you need (I have never needed one) plus you can use eGPUs meaning a constantly upgradable GPU path.